Trailer Trucks Crashed

Trailer Trucks Crashed (1) Trailer Trucks Crashed (2)

Replaces load ventilation ducts



5 Responses to Trailer Trucks Crashed

  1. Chickenlights&Chrome says:

    So why the name calling?? Can just make a statement without it?
    What have you ever offered to the game.

  2. MidniteTrain says:

    It never ceases to amaze me that when we get trucks on trailers the “modder” nearly always decides to make the truck small “DINKY” size to fit them on the trailer, totally spoiling the end result. In real life you could never get those two trucks on that trailer. In real life you would see them on a low loader with one front axle over the rear axle of the other truck in order to make them fit. Please stop making “DINKY” sized cargo for real sized trailers.

  3. C4RBON94 says:

    @Midnite Train, i agree now i look at it

    @Chickenlights&Chrome it’s just annoying that so many modders link to dodgy pages is all, sorry if i offended anyone đŸ™‚
    and to answer your question, i used to contribute skins for this game, but after so many were cut and nnot credited, i ceased releasing them….

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