Trailers and Cargo Pack by Jazzycat v 3.7

Trailers-and-Cargo-Pack-1 Trailers-and-Cargo-Pack-2 Trailers-and-Cargo-Pack-3

Pack adds in game 116 new trailers (Kögel, Fliegl, Böse, Närko, Lamberet, Chereau, Schmitz, Bodex, Fruehauf, Schwarzmüller, D-Tec, Samro, Krone, Pacton, Ekeri, Goldhofer, Kröger, Nooteboom, Sommer, Estepe, Fontaine, McLendon, Krampe, Kotte, Panav, Kempf, Galtrailer, Chmzap, Maz, Nefaz, Szap, Tonar, Odaz and others), 453 new cargos, 473 traffic trailers and over 2000 skins for trailers.
New cargos added to 241 companies for DLC Scandinavia, Promods, Rus Map, MsHeavyAlex Map, TSM Map, EAA Map.
All standalone.
Works on any maps.
For version 1.20.x and higher.
Compatible with all my packs.
Included english, russian and german (translation by Frachti) versions.
You must have in mod folder following files:
and one def file
trailers_and_cargo_pack_by_Jazzycat_v3.7_eng.scs for english version
trailers_and_cargo_pack_by_Jazzycat_v3.7_rus.scs for russian version
trailers_and_cargo_pack_by_Jazzycat_v3.7_deutsch.scs for german version

Version 3.7 – added 6 new trailers, 26 new cargo, new companies from Promods 2.0 and Rusmap 1.6.

To work properly pack must have a higher priority than your map!
If you’re using mods, replacing default trailers, correct work of pack not guaranteed!

Author: Jazzycat

DOWNLOAD 695 MB part 1
DOWNLOAD 650 MB part 2
DOWNLOAD 695 MB part 1 [alternative link]
DOWNLOAD 695 MB part 1 [alternative link]

12 Responses to Trailers and Cargo Pack by Jazzycat v 3.7

  1. DRAGON says:

    I created a Polish translation trailers


    for Polish version….


  2. arip says:

    thanks bro.. ,, but why all trailers not in traffic … ??,, . just several on the road , not overload… 🙂

  3. Nenad says:

    Last night I was started to download the mod..part 1 was ok,but part 2 in the end wasn’t..some network error appeared and couldn’t download it 🙁

  4. Windu says:

    Hungary version? 😀

  5. GeoSyll says:

    Is there a way to disable the weird trailers? You know, the zombie and stuff.

  6. Arnaldo says:

    The trailers too Rocks cornering
    because it has a fix

    piece for my English, I am here in Brazil

  7. Heavy Alex says:

    to me, the Best pack MOD for trailers !!! Thank you on your time and effort , Jazzycat !!

  8. Pat says:

    I keep getting crashes entering cities. I’ve re downloaded from other sources and tried running in compatablility mode. this is the trailer giving the error:

    00:01:07.165 : [fs] Failed to open file “/vehicle/trailer_eu/over_cargo_w/pzh2000.pmd” in the read_only mode
    00:01:07.165 : [fs] Failed to open file “/vehicle/trailer_eu/over_cargo_w/pzh2000.pmc” in the read_only mode
    00:01:07.165 : [resource_task] Can not open ‘/vehicle/trailer_eu/over_cargo_w/pzh2000.pmd’
    00:01:07.165 : [resource_task] Can not open ‘/vehicle/trailer_eu/over_cargo_w/pzh2000.pmc’
    00:01:07.165 : [fs] Failed to open file “/vehicle/trailer_eu/over_cargo_w/pzh2000.pmg” in the read_only mode
    00:01:07.165 : [resource_task] Can not open ‘/vehicle/trailer_eu/over_cargo_w/pzh2000.pmg’
    00:01:07.165 : [model] Model collision ‘/vehicle/trailer_eu/over_cargo_w/pzh2000.pmc’ is malformed.
    00:01:07.165 : [model] Model descriptor ‘/vehicle/trailer_eu/over_cargo_w/pzh2000.pmd’ is malformed.
    00:01:07.165 : [model] Model geometry ‘/vehicle/trailer_eu/over_cargo_w/pzh2000.pmg’ is malformed.
    00:01:07.167 : [fs] Failed to open file “/vehicle/trailer_eu/over_cargo_w/pzh2000.pmd” in the read_only mode
    00:01:07.167 : [ld] Failed to open ‘/vehicle/trailer_eu/over_cargo_w/pzh2000.pmd’.
    00:01:07.167 : model_template.cpp(560): [email protected][email protected]@@UEAAXXZ: Failed to load model descriptor (.pmd) or model geometry (.pmg) for ‘/vehicle/trailer_eu/over_cargo_w/pzh2000.pmg’.

  9. nick says:

    do i need to have all files n mod folders even the rus and dutch ones ?

  10. Adam says:

    When I downloaded this file I could add it as a mod because it wasn’t an SCS file ? Can anyone help ?

    • travis says:

      yes im having the same problem because it is a 7zip not a .scs

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