Trailers Traffic Pack by TrafficManiac v 1.7

Pack adds in traffic 269 trailers with 1015 skins of real companies.
All standalone.
Only quality lowpoly models – no FPS drop.
AI cables simulation compatible.
Works on any maps.
Compatible with AI packs by Jazzycat.
For version 1.33.x
Models and skins by: SCS Software, Giants Software, Pereira, Millsyb, Aspectxx, Mkkl, Vaarduar, SkGe, Speedy143, Steini, Slash, Krokus, News, Vlakyt

Version 1.7 – added 28 trailers with 112 skins of real companies.


DOWNLOAD 556 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 556 MB [Modsbase]

3 thoughts on “Trailers Traffic Pack by TrafficManiac v 1.7

  1. Franek from Poland

    Please, add white coolliners and grey curtains, it will be more realistic

    1. Franek from Poland

      And any polish skins, of course:)
      Ps. Great traffic pack 😉

  2. please we want qme transport trailers!!!

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