Truck traffic pack by Jazzycat v1.2


Pack adds in traffic different trucks.
All standalone.

For version 1.9.22 or higher.

Compatible with all my packs.

V1.2 – adapted for version 1.9.22, added some BDF’s by Flemming Vinge
with skins by Fred_be, Millsyb, Repin, Lorius, added skins for Volvo
9700 and some other changes.



39 thoughts on “Truck traffic pack by Jazzycat v1.2

  1. Thank’s
    In the mod you are trucks paint in UITraffic or just skin for my truck ?

  2. Pam Christaman

    do we have to add it to the other traffic truck pack you updated for version 1.9.22? or do we have to replace the other one with this one?
    anyway once again tx for your awesome packs.

  3. Nice pack thank not game is more real 🙂

  4. Jazzy, you’re amazing, thankyou 🙂

  5. Monument for you bro. 🙂

    1. +1!
      Jazzy is the best.He enriches this game!!

      1. I agree

        1. +1 from me too!

  6. Another great addition.

    Thanks for sharing.

  7. Buses traffic or skins nothing?

  8. Can this mod be used in conjunction with Jazzycat’s painted truck traffic or is this a replacement for that mod?

  9. please remove the u.s. truck from this pack, its not realistic for an european game….

    1. I totally agree with this.

      1. Open truck_traffic_storage.jazzycat.sii and remove all what you don’t like.

        1. thanks

        2. great pack, sorry do not understand how to edit anything. Just a retired old trucker who has seen his share of American trucks and rather not see them in Europe.

    2. How’s that? Does that mean there are absolutely no American trucks on European roads? *which we all know it isn’t true

      But as Jazzy sez, just remove the truck you don’t like

  10. Just at little thanks for all your good work Jazzycat 🙂

  11. Hey Jazzycat,

    how about a litlle AI camper/caravanspack?


  12. Great mod… thank you!

  13. next time add some tandem truck with the trailer too in traffic pack then is game more realistlic

  14. Thanks Jazzy 😉

  15. Is that a MACK dump truck in the pic?

    Is it available as a drivable version somewhere or AI only?

  16. Thanks for another great release.

  17. YusupMansor

    work with painted truck traffic?

  18. Great mod. Thank You so much!

  19. @JazzyCat

    I did not see a place to put comment to your web/home page. Sorry

    it will be possible work with Ro Map Add on by Traian and others map mods to Promods?

    I’m still using ETS2 v1.8.2.5s


  20. JazzyCat..always great stuff.
    One small detail though:
    ERROR [fs] Failed to open file “/vehicle/truck/volvo9700/” in the read_only mode
    ERROR [resource_task] Can not open ‘/vehicle/truck/volvo9700/’
    ERROR [dds] Malformed DDS file ‘/vehicle/truck/volvo9700/’

    1. Yes. My mistake. I’ve this file in other pack… Fixed. Thanks.

      1. apferreira truckman

        Jazzycat congratulation again for yet another mod, I detected an error in kamaz_high_traffic_jazzy.scs file, the first line is this:
        traffic_vehicle: traf.kamaz.546011

        need to later add. jazzy as the file
        traffic_vehicle: traf.kamaz.546001.jazzy

        I have helped

    2. apferreira truckman

      Genooyd this is not an error but the mod of the mod unzip the file, it is common extension dds files get corrupted in desconmpactação, I do not know why dissso more you just try to unpack again and copy the good file again

      1. Ah, another lesson learned. Thank you.
        I believe Jazzycat addressed some in Truck traffic pack by Jazzycat v1.2.1

  21. @Jazzycat
    great mod you’ve got here i’ve been waiting for this and more thing can make the tandem truck with the trailer thank’s

  22. Yes. In next 1.3 version add tandem trucks too. Off course trailer should be fixed with truck. I mean that truck and trailer in tandem should have the same skin for good looking.

  23. Also you should check and fix a few things in it. Some of bdf truck habe bad names on rear mudflaps. In example Mercedes with Scania mudflaps.

  24. * off course have, not habe (I don’t speak German.)

  25. MsHeavyAlex

    Hi Jazz ….

    I use just yours MODs …trailers,small trucks,paints ,..

    GREAT awesome work !!!

    I found two small mistakes in your MODs … and I’ll give you pictures here, and please if you can fix it with next release 😉

    1. small trucks -stand alone:

    2. trailer pack – normal :

    If you allready know for this, than is ok, and sorry that I bother with that 🙂

    regards from Croatia,

    Alex (MHA map)

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