Trucksim Map v 4.5.6

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Trucksim Map New Version v 4.5.6

Authors: SCS Software, 50keda, FLD/TZ, kamaz, Reislord, valera_t, satan1990, Königszapfen, 2X2


34 Responses to Trucksim Map v 4.5.6

  1. Cosmin_ro says:

    What’s new?

  2. torben says:

    do i have to start new game?

    • Cosmin_ro says:

      Probabli no, but i can’t …
      Wait, I download-it now 😀

  3. wanhoop says:

    yes, what’s new?

  4. Ray Ray says:

    just got it and upto now seems to have alot of graphics bugs things out of place just things all over the place realy with all other mods off still same could just be my graphics card but without mod its fine anybody els had any problems

  5. Benz says:

    it’s running at 1.7.1 ? or only at the latest patch ?

  6. barns says:

    game work fine but after 3 jobs no deliverys stuck

  7. Ömer Harman says:

    Stars on the sky. This is the difference I think.

  8. mk says:

    Although it seemed a very good, because a lot of bugs I stopped driving TSM map. My game crashes, FPS have fallen so much that it was unplayable … Now I play a basic map ets and finally do not have to be afraid that we will begin to twitch game or collapse by itself. I mean, congratulations to the authors for their efforts but the map is getting worse with every update.

    • Chris says:

      I have had problems with low fps on every TSM update since V4.1.1, have a high spec gaming pc so don’t know what the problem is, shame because TSM is a nice map.

    • Chris says:

      Have looked on this link, can’t get it to be in English though.

  9. Cosmin_ro says:

    I’ve deleted my profile with TSM because the newest version have some bugs lag and i have 2 crashes in game …
    after a few transport will not be have others 🙁
    same problem than “barns”

    Soo bugs!
    I now look for others map …
    But i want more cities in europe and the east europe (romania serbia monte-negro …)


    Good day/night !!!

    • Maddison says:

      Hi Cosmin_ro,

      please come to the forum under,

      there you can get support and help from us and our community 🙂

      kind regards,

      • Cosmin_ro says:

        I wait a new update from TSM map with new cities in france ( west of france) and eastern europe ( romania hungary monte-negro serbia …)

        Good day!

  10. Darko says:

    So far so good however some bugs I found regarding the map for some reasone I cent get it down enough to stay so I can see Greec , Albania. I went to Greece I bought a garage and now it stands empty as I cent select it on the map to send or relocate trucks and drivers , same goes for the Jobs , far point that I can select on the map is DUBROVNIK Croatia . One small thing between Croatia and Albania is MONTENEGRO , Croatia doesn’t border with Albania so it goes Croatia (last EU country) border with Montenegro border with Albania .Nevertheless very interesting and I like it a lot , keep up the good work ! Thanks!!!

    • FTDude says:

      Put some zzzz in front of the file name, so it will load as last. (all four files).

    • Psycho Yuri says:

      I got the same problem. We probably need a file map zoom somewere but can’t find a working link anymore

  11. adam says:

    nie dziala retarder!

  12. adam says:

    does not work retarder

  13. domee says:

    Geht die auch mit der promods map?

  14. adam says:

    es gibt ein Problem mit der Karte

  15. Darko says:

    Guys is there anywhere PORT connections list or similar ?

  16. craig says:

    hi is there a no damage mod for this version?

    • Brian Earl Spilner says:

      Open up “game_data.sii” in DEF folder and change these lines so that they are zero (0), like this:

      truck_damage_coef: 0.0000 // truck damage coef per hit, impact speed squared modified by weights
      trailer_damage_coef: 0.0000
      truck_to_trailer_dmg: 0.0 // how much damage is transferred from truck to trailer (and vice versa)

  17. Henrikasz says:

    best map

  18. James Turner says:

    would like to see more of Scotland and Ireland and more country roads in Uk please

  19. connes benoit says:

    bonjour j ai besoin d aide la je galere compter j arrive a telechrager la carte et quand c est finit je peut pas ouvrie ni de décomprser le dossier pour avoir les en l intérieure !!

    quel q’un pourais me passer un liens ou un site internet que je puisge telecharger la carte tsm map 4.5.6

    merci d avance

  20. Vollbremse says:

    welscher Hafen fährt wo hin ?? auf Creta stimmen einige Routs nicht

  21. geoff1 says:

    link not work truck sim map sit shut down

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