Turkish Flag For All Trucks [Standalone]

Turkish flag mod for all trucks
Mod is standalone you can buy in side mirror select Turk Bayragi
Share original link only please
MOD is unlocked, you can edit DDS to modify other flags
Working on version 1.31.X

adarf33Mods, LS-beike (hzhrm6)


8 thoughts on “Turkish Flag For All Trucks [Standalone]

  1. Ne Mutlu Türküm Diyene..!

  2. G.F.Later


  3. Ich muss mich gleich Übergeben. Immer Türken.

    und nein, das ist kein Rassismus

  4. Beautiful. Turkey is proud of you. Please dont stop.

  5. Please stop this.

  6. Never seen a truck with a flag in front of the truck,are you driving to war ????…….Get real man,that is awful…..eeeeeuw….:(

  7. Stupidity at it,s tops.

  8. Melafdifi

    Thanks Man

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