Tutorial | Add New Variant and Skins Trailer MDModding

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6 thoughts on “Tutorial | Add New Variant and Skins Trailer MDModding

  1. Big Thanks MD it was a big help !!!! Thanks again !! 🙂

  2. HI MD can you update your Small Log Trailer ?THX

  3. Merci pour ce tuto il m’a bien servi et désormais ca n’a plus de secret pour moi . En espérant que mon pack te fasse honneur l’ami

  4. scania_dragon

    Who should understand this video? He opens a new folder, jumps to another folder, marks files, delete files and so many other things. But he does not say any word to explain what he do there.
    Sorry, MDModding, but a bigger help could be a package in which we find your new trailers compiled for ets2 studio.
    But this video is nothing!

    1. Do you speak french? LOL
      Sprichst Du französisch? LOL
      Tu parle français ? LOL

  5. Video please

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