Unique Volvo FH Sound Mod VIKING


NEW DIFERENT AND UNIQUE Volvo FH Straight Pipes Sound Mod Viking.
Mod For Euro Truck Simmulator 2! FH16 SCS/FH13 Classic!


Hello everyone my fellow truckers!! So today bring you a new Video
Review and this ultimate mod!Volvo FH Stright Pipes Sound Mod Viking
for FH16 Volvo SCS and also
for Addon Mod by by Peerke Volvo FH13 Classic, I hope you like this
mods as i do! The mod you are about downlaod allrady contain all
modifications and Last Updates! But don’t forget to visit scs forum
to always get a last and updated versions of sounds mods
from me ComandoreOne!

Special thanks to Peeker for this fantastic Volvo FH 13 once more!



Best Regards ComandoreOne. Stay tuned for more!!

59 thoughts on “Unique Volvo FH Sound Mod VIKING

  1. nice πŸ™‚

  2. Can you make a skin of this for Kenworth K100? Thanks in advance. http://www.sendspace.com/file/jvghi3

  3. And just when i thought you were done with explaining how and why .. for endless minutes .. Unlike the Scania sound this came pretty good ,would be nice if the engine sound would actualy go up a bit as you gear change tho,as of now it’s a bit like too constant ,we want that rumor going up,lauder. All in all it’s good,don’t know of any classic volvo sounds better out there. Since you mentioned about textures and whatever else people need,etc,would also be nice if you left a contact for you,not many will go out crazy on sites looking for a way to drop a message,so what you could do is leave an ID of some sort,at your discretion ofc. And to close this : im pretty sure you work hard to make these mods ,specialy the sounds,mainly from what i’ve seen,but .. give it a cut with the technical details 70% of the people watching them vids,don’t have a clue what ,how and why you did so,just keep it simple and short,if you want to tell people how you worked a sound mod out,make a video related to that ONLY. Cheers and keep up the good work.

  4. You said you made the skin for the FH. Do you think you could make a Eddie Stobart skin for the FH. And I have used every version of the sound mode and they are all brilliant. Thanks

  5. Rijwan Novalansah

    can you give me other link download

    1. comandoreone

      Hello my dear friend, thank you comment at my channel and here! I was about to replay to you πŸ˜‰ Yes i can give you diferent link, but you can’t download it ?

      Because i’m sure that link is fine i did tested it and there is a clean download i like zippshared as you don’t have that commercial pomping up and stuff like that is a clean donwload site πŸ˜‰

      Bu np i will do it for ya and send you link in pm to your channel ! Thanks for comment and your feedback!

      Best Regards ComandoreOne.

      1. Unlike other people that mod around here,you interracted with the people thru good or negative comments and for that you have a plus from me,i hope others will appreciate that and what you are doing now and in future. Keep up the good work. Cheers

        1. ComandoreOne

          Thank you once more my friend! I’m so happy to see people like you and there are many good guys at forums and here at ets2lt! Guys that respect time and work of modders, after all this is all that we do is for you guys and not only and for us! And this is important when modders and public in a good relations and respect! very important!

          Best of luck in your personal life and God Bless you all your family and your friends!

          Best regards ComandoreOne.

  6. Hi ComandoreOne! What dashboard computer do you use on this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POuhGn61ZR8&hd=1 ?

    1. comandoreone

      Hello my friend, thank you for comment, now for dashboard at that video, i got it from here ets2lt, just search it at bar on top by scania display, there you finde loads of them, but i do belive they no longer working at this new patch and last update, i also got one cool display for scania but is not working on late ver of game, guess we all have to wait to an updated version! πŸ˜‰

      Thank you and Best regards ComandoreOne.

  7. comandoreone

    Hello everyone! Guys Thank you all and specialy thank you LucianM! Like your comment! This is good see people respect you and your work and when they give you a good advise! I will take that in consideration! thank you!

    Now about the contact i will post here an mail contact for mods that people drop a mail there for some skins requests and some good stuff, now skiner yes i can do it and AJham also yes i can do it! Just leave me here some exemples of that particular truck or paint job and i will recreate it for you!

    Thank you all guys and stay tuned for more mods and cool stuff!

    Best Regards ComandoreOne. And stay tuned for my contact and lets paint some trucks!

  8. Thanks mate. All I have is a truck, together with sound from here https://ets2.lt/en/caterpillar-c15-sound-mod-for-the-k100-v2-4/ and this template. The original picture of truck http://www.sendspace.com/file/ohjung. Blue and white version is also beautiful. Thanks again.

    1. comandoreone

      Okay i will work on that and as it will be rady i will contact you πŸ˜‰ thanks for this provided infos!

      Best regards ComandoreOne.

  9. thanks Comandore One this is what I had mind. This is the web address of the picture. http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/8585179939/ . However there is only one pic of it

    1. ComandoreOne

      Hello my dear friends! And AJHam,

      Buddy i just forgot to ask you, this skin you want for Volvo Classic FH13 by Peerke ? I’m rady to start this two skins so i need your fast feedback on this if the skin is for SCS volvo truck FH16 or this Addon Volvo FH13 ? To be honest i think the FH13 is more look like and the FH13 will just fit that skin like a elegant lady!

      Best regards ComandoreOne

      1. Yes thanks Comandore One it is for the fh13 by Peerke. Cant wait to see it finished. One last thing can you try and get the name on it as that is stobart s distinguishing feature. Thanks alot AJHam. Can you eail me the link for the skin once it is finshed to [email protected]

  10. adi2003de

    The Sound is very good ….

    BUT !!! …

    The Sound is too low …

    You should take the higher ..

    For Example : the Sound at 1500 RPM should be on 1000 RPM .. and also the rest should be 500 RPM lower of the sound … then its a Maybe perfekt sound for the Volvo …



    1. ComandoreOne

      Thank you i will take this in consideration!

      Best Regards COmandoreOne πŸ™‚

      So guys in few mins i will put here contact mail to accept requests for skins. Or textures reworks!

  11. Very nice. πŸ˜€

  12. Nice sound, and very nice game play, the view make it look like real is it a Camera add-on? in and outside

    1. ComandoreOne

      This camera mod is implanted in to this Volvo FH Classic mod by Peerke, to be honest its a good camera i like it. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for comments all and for your feedback!!

      Stay tuned for more cool mods! And soon i will be relising one of my privet skins! :p Because i get that feeling that if i only one using this it dosn’t make this funn so i want from time to time share my privet work to you my friends!

      Best Regards ComandoreOne!

  13. Go ahead Com 1!

  14. Hello, Commadore
    Thanks for the fabulous sound.
    May I have the skin shown in this video?
    Please make it for 50k’s scania. Contact me at [email protected]

    Best Regards,

  15. Volvodriver

    cool sound fits my volvo perfectly! i have no clue how to make a mod but i love to see a FH16 with black headlights in this shape! thanks for this awesome mod commandore one!

  16. DutchTrucker19

    Hello CommandorOne,

    Is this also for the NEW Volvo FH?

  17. ComandorOne's Team

    Hello DutchTrucker19,

    This actual sound mod doesn’t work with New Volvo FH, but he is working on the new Volvo FH stay tuned guys

    CamandoreOne Team

  18. Hi CamandoreOn! Is there any chance to make a skin for K100 or W900 long? Sorry, really interests me. Thanks

  19. ComandoreOne

    Hello Skiner, buddy i’m working now so it will take some time, as soon i got it done i send all skins here in separate links, the Eddie Stotbart and for your K100 πŸ™‚ the red one looking good must say !!

    Thanks and stay tuned, i also will do one small video of my new reworked dashboard a realistic dash board for vovlo FH 15/16 or 13 πŸ˜€ prity much they use the same one if not rong, the actual dash was rong now it also have on UK side in miles and km πŸ˜€

    I also did reworked that Vovlo FH 15 by Peerke i just did fixed some crome textures and now they look real and also did added my own i wold say fule tank blue print now the fule tank have real life tank textures HD with some ##### parts and it give a truck super super hot looking! πŸ˜‰

    Stay tuned guys!

    1. How r u getting on with the stobart skin for the fh13 by Peerk. Cant wait for it to be finished

      1. ComandoreOne

        Hello AJham! So today i bring you small update on your Girl! The famose Stobart’s family Phoebe Grace!

        Just a samll preview on how work is going! To me it will be most detailet and acurate skin!


        Hope you like here! Best Regards ComandoreOne

        I recomend you guys look at video documentary about Eddie Stobart Family Trucks! You finde it at youtube in HD!

        1. Thanks so much Commodore one. It looks amazing and cant wait for it to come out. By far the best stobart skin yet

  20. I appreciate, dude. I’ll be patient.

  21. By far the best Volvo sound mod made. good work.

  22. ComandoreOne

    Hello skiner,

    So as you requested this is your baby K00 skin!

    Get it:http://www57.zippyshare.com/v/38921905/file.html

    A famous BJ and the Bear!!

    Hope you like it, the repaint have all detail! I just want you do me a favor can you put a screan shoot from game of the repaint here to see how it is on truck as i don’t have the mod so i can check all!

    Thank you my friend Best regards!

    Next Skin is for the AJHam! Comming probably today!

    Now SiB3rius thank you for comment! and feedback!

    Thank you all my friends! Respect!

  23. I’m really sorry dude. nothing I could do. Overall project is specific, and I’m not really an expert for re-editing. In any case, thank you for your efforts. Sorry again.

    1. ComandoreOne

      Hey buddy, but skin is workin ?

      Thank you Best regards ComandoreOne.

      Np bro aks when you need some textures!

  24. The problem is that I do not know where to put your file. I tried some combinations but nothing. Sorry I can. I wish you all the best and keep up the good posts.

  25. ComandoreOne

    Hey skiner let me here know what K100 do you use send me here the link of the mod, i will help you out! πŸ˜‰

    Best Regards ComandoreOne.

  26. To be honest I really adore American trucks. My father was driving the K100 Aerodyne. I’d appreciate it if you have time. You’re my man dude! THANKS!
    https://ets2.lt/en/caterpillar-c15-sound-mod-for-the-k100-v2-4/ It’s the entire truck, all in one (truck + sound).

    1. ComandoreOne

      Hello skiner, so i was working on this and looks like the truck using diferent configuration and position of the skin, now i did contacted one of my good friend GT-Mike and i will see what eals i can do now just waiting for replay from Mike, i did tried to create the old fashion way teplate by coloring and creating grid but its a long way do do it, now will wait and see, because i wold love to see this legendary skin working and to see how it looks! In game some of parts of skin when selecting the skin are just #### looking!

      Hope you wait and i will promiss you do it for ya!!

      Best Regards ComandoreOne.

  27. Ok buddy. These American trucks look empty without skins or body paintings. It’s nice to see a change in them.I hope that many people think so. Best regards to you and your friends truckers. Cheers!

  28. Comandoreone

    Hello guys and AJHam! So guys i did finished for now all skins that was requested over here, now i will be posting my Eddie Stobart skin for this amazing and super #### Vovlo FH by Mr.Peerke 145 and the team of modders like Bora and rest of team They did a Volvo Close to 50’s Keda Scania!!! But i just waiting that he give me a green light to advence with this skin mod, now i want to share my snap pic of comparation of this my skin in game taked snap and of a real life truck and let me know what you think guys on this comparation, must say in game this truck and skin looks super ####! She is a bad girl!

    Thanks everyone for all support and all your feedback!

    Here image comparation, i just ajusted the color but you see exact the same in game!! i wold say is 1 to 1!

    Pic: http://s2.postimg.org/ambb09949/My_Best_Skin_Mod_EDSTOBART_Comparation2.jpg

    Thank you all once more and AJHam soon she will be in your garage!! This is complit just waiting confirmation from Peerke145.

    1. Thats fine. You dont realise how thankful I am for this skin. Its been a long time coming but its almost there. Commodore one you are by far the best modder by far. Its nice to see a modder that will interact with others and is willing to take on work and take constructive criticism. Cant wait to see more of your work. Hope everyone has the best of respect for you. By the way I noticed some wheels on your so far picture. Do you suppose you could add them into the mod or can I just upload them separately as they look lile the real phoebe grace wheels. Thanks AJHam

    2. Thats fine. You dont realise how thankful I am for this skin. Its been a long time coming but its almost there. Commodore one you are by far the best modder by far. Its nice to see a modder that will interact with others and is willing to take on work and take constructive criticism. Cant wait to see more of your work. Hope everyone has the best of respect for you

      1. Soory for the two posts my phone has gone all messed up

    3. How are you getting on with Peerke 145. And any idea when I may be able to get my hands on the incredible skin you have made.

  29. Comandoreone, any news about Bj and Bear truck?

  30. Comandoreone

    Hello my dear friends, so about the skins, i have loads of work going on, i have now the at least 3 skins they working all and set to go i’m waiting for the Stobart Peerke did it and now the skin is standalone but there are still some few things missing on the skin the Lightbox is not showing and the stobart logo when selecting the skin is missing texture, as soon this will be fixed i will post all skins as one big pack!

    Now the Bj and Bear i’m still looking for it, but without any template making it go right is a hard thing, i did prity much all i can, like i even did try to do template by hand old fashion way by making grids and colors and numbers to know what is where so its hard and that didn’t result as i don’t use any right now 3D program to make the template, we have to look some one that can make template for that K100! Because i wold #### love to see that paint job on the truck as i did it like 1 to 1 with all type of stikers and paints! Skin is just super! But the truck don’t want it fited LOL

    Best Regards guys! and stay tuned prity soon i will relising all just making all together and packing stuff to go! Need bit more time!


  31. ComandoreOne

    Hello everyone, so guys i know its long week and more longer its for guys that did requested skins, i’m almost donw with skins and they prity much set to goo, AJHam pleas post here any your privet contact somthing like mail i send you skin files as the Peerke taking long and the skin is complit and working just that two things i know how to out manuver them so i send you files as soon you give me your contact.

    Now also this message guys is about the small fix and update on sound mod, the fix is simply the Logo error message saying that is missing wind file no longer an error i did fixed this, and added new interior sound now guys download it and see and give some spins with this sound mod and see if you like it and if is better now.

    Link Download Fixed sound mod:http://www44.zippyshare.com/v/22400564/file.html

    Also i will be posting at scs software forum my official pictures on Volvo and other my projects Progress! Check all at SCS Software Forum!

    So now stay tuned for more mods, prity much also finishing with reworking the volvo FH13 textures and fixed some other things to make it proper πŸ˜€

    So Stay tuned also for new real dashboards! UK side and Normal left side driver, it will be for FH16 and FH13! As a pack.

    Best Regards ComandoreOne.

    1. Thanks. My email is [email protected]

      1. ComandoreOne

        Thank you and mail sent! Read all Agreement parts and then give me feed!

        Best Regards CoamndoreOne.

  32. Bad news comandore one I can download the file. MEGA keeps saying there is a error. Can u send me a new link

  33. u still make requests? if yes i would like ac4 what i have in white but would like in black and in red with trailers πŸ™‚

  34. The sound dosen’t work with the new volvo from scs

  35. @dr_jaymz

    very nice sound my friend… cheers

  36. hey ComandoreOne, the sound is incredibly amazing,awesome,and i only have a little request,can you make this awesome sound,work for All New Volvo FH 2013,please buddy

    Cheers πŸ˜€

  37. Eduhgraficx

    This is like the best sound I’ve come across especially because my favorite truck is the Volvo FH. CommandoreOne, you’ve outdone yourself this time. I love your mods, I never hesitate to download when I see any of them.

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