Unlock Escort Speed (160 km/h)

Hey, today I want to show you a simple way that you can greatly increase the speed limit AI escort car to 160 km/h in ets2
it helps a lot, but it makes the game a lot realistic



6 thoughts on “Unlock Escort Speed (160 km/h)

  1. scania_dragon

    NONSENSE! Go to driving school and learn safety driving!

  2. so ein schwachsin!!!!!!

  3. Senseless Mod, “Jacintha”…
    Again a new Account???

  4. The problem is that even with that limit increased, the AI car in front DOESN’T increase its speed up to that level, but it stays in the road’s limit (e.g. 40 km/h or 80 km/h). How can this be fixed?

  5. Guys, ignore this author! 😉

  6. Are you allowed to use my picture ? I dont think. Change that please, before that you have problems.

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