Unlocked Double Trailers – 1.33

With this mod you can use Doubles, B-Doubles and HCT in all the EU countries.



10 thoughts on “Unlocked Double Trailers – 1.33

  1. lordmodets2

    DLC krone is not released for Scandinavia …

  2. ahmed mando


    1. 1.33 is the actual open beta for ETS2 which is live right now.

      1. ahmed mando

        can I have the link

        1. lordmodets2

          open the steam click with the 2 mouse button on the euro truck simulator 2 and choose property, in this menu, choose the option BETAS and it appears there to load.

          ATTENTION: I tested it and it is giving many errors with the mods

      2. Its not open beta yet. Open beta is coming later, like normally.

  3. Rocket455Man


    Is there coming HTC trains?

  4. umdiegoqualquer


  5. eleonardo moreno santos

    funciona no oline?

  6. Oi

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