Unlocked Double Trailers – 1.33

With this mod you can use Doubles, B-Doubles and HCT in all the EU countries.



10 Responses to Unlocked Double Trailers – 1.33

  1. lordmodets2 says:

    DLC krone is not released for Scandinavia …

  2. ahmed mando says:


    • Florin says:

      1.33 is the actual open beta for ETS2 which is live right now.

      • ahmed mando says:

        can I have the link

        • lordmodets2 says:

          open the steam click with the 2 mouse button on the euro truck simulator 2 and choose property, in this menu, choose the option BETAS and it appears there to load.

          ATTENTION: I tested it and it is giving many errors with the mods

      • Samiz says:

        Its not open beta yet. Open beta is coming later, like normally.

  3. Rocket455Man says:


    Is there coming HTC trains?

  4. umdiegoqualquer says:


  5. eleonardo moreno santos says:

    funciona no oline?

  6. Marcelo says:


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