Unlocked Trailers v 01

Mod disables all territorial restrictions trailers.

For version 1.33

Authors: SCS, Omenman


SCS, Omenman


11 thoughts on “Unlocked Trailers v 01

  1. Kast has this done some Month ago. LOL

    1. I looked, then there was no Finland

      1. OK, but for the Double Curtaintrailers was it also for Finland.
        But I will have again a Look…

  2. Hi
    How about a version with the tandem addon from kast?+:)

    1. Only default

  3. very good

  4. alfred110

    hello @ Omenman . this is not unlocked . i cant not drive in geermany ??!!please update .

    1. What does it mean: I can not ride in Germany?
      Cargoes in Germany are available, garages are available…
      Watch your log!

  5. alfred110

    I have the long ekeri trailer you do not work in Germany, but should according to your mod, is that correct?

    1. What is this trailer? Is it mod? These restrictions are written in the mod! I unblocked only for default, and about the mods, contact their authors!

  6. Sam Viper

    I really like your mods and it brings a bit of color into play.
    Now I still miss the whole skin with your truck so that I can adjust my drivers and drive them through Russia. Thanks for the great work they do for all of us.

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