*UPDATED* Scania T Cab V8 Sound Mod


YouTube preview

Drag and Drop both files into documents/eurotrucksimualtor2/mod and replace any files if prompted

This is version two of the sound mod i made compatible with the tcab

RJL – For the Tcab included
Teckno GamerHouse – For the original sound (He made the streamline, 50k and R2009 Sound mod)
ME (Luke Lewis) – Making work with Tcab 1.4

RJL, Teckno GamerHouse, LukeLewis



5 thoughts on “*UPDATED* Scania T Cab V8 Sound Mod

  1. MartinoPio


    1. MadMuffin

      Thats a fakin Sound Mod, how should it be standalone?!

  2. Victor Zocca

    is not working

    1. LukeLewis

      Make sure you don’t have any other mods conflicting with my mod. i have made sure with multiple friends this mod does work. if theres no luck get in contact with me via the youtube link given 🙂

  3. This is not working for me. No good engine sounds like in the video.
    I tried to fix this mod for my own use but failed.
    Used it as explained in the readme.
    Tried with clean save where I had sold my prior 1.4 Scania T mentioned below. Still didn’t work.
    Made sure I had no other sound mods or other Scania T mods loading at same time, etc.

    I ended up going back to my OWN prior alteration of RJL’s original Scania T V1.4 to have the good V8 sounds as is in video. Which works fine again.

    Shrug. No loss as otherwise no difference from what I did on my own and what I see in the vid but I did want to try this package. NO idea why it isn’t working.

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