V8 Sound for Scania R (RJL) edited by gvidas12346


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It works only for RJL Scania ,It was made by Kriechbaum,But i Edited it
Thank you Kriechbaum. Please keep link the same

Kriechbaum, gvidas12346


15 Responses to V8 Sound for Scania R (RJL) edited by gvidas12346

  1. scanialover says:

    please make it for scs scania!!!!

    • Hppns says:

      For SCS Scania, why don’t you just download Kriechbaum’s original mod?

  2. xsandr says:

    ахах дибил

  3. AudiS1 says:

    how can i get the truck mod can u give me link?1.16?

  4. gvidas12346 says:

    Okey i will make for SCS Scania R and Streamline

  5. jimmy says:

    Sa serait possible de le faire pour daf xf 105 ??

  6. mafiozos68 says:

    Awesome sound!!! Welldone
    It fit’s better to my ears than Kriechbaum’s. The first one was so smooth…(sorry Kriechbaum 😉 )
    Thanks mate!

  7. matto says:

    Sounds like a freaking Daf truck -_- what a stupid sound

  8. jimmy says:

    tu peut faire pour dafxf 105 le meme son stp meric d’avance

  9. MONST3R STREET says:

    When I activate the mod does not work, It Should not Choose engine?

  10. jimmy says:

    Salut tu pourrait faire le meme en daf stp je te remercie

  11. liakos01 says:

    hi guys…cain make this sound????but clear https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9JRvwFt0YA

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