Vanessa Pashmina Land Map 5.3


Vanessa Pashmina Land is now in ETS2 1.43.

Requires ALL DLC MAPS to work.

Update LOG:

1.- Fixes Gas Stations, some mats missing are recreated and installed.
2.- Updated Map Version
3.- Added Ferry from Pashmina Park 2020 to Valencia (Iberia DLC)
4.- Other Minors bugs repaired.
5.- Added EAA GAMES BRAZIL Ferry to Vanemap.

Vanessa Pashmina (RIP), El Tio Alta, Team Reforma (Some Models), Sirio (Pemex Prefab), xKal3ylx and Never Forget (Beta Testers)


2 thoughts on “Vanessa Pashmina Land Map 5.3

  1. Thanks admin for the update 👌🏻

  2. Does this map have the option to work with buses?

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