Video Player for ETS2 1.31

Attention!!! For the correct mode to work, you need dlc toys!!!!

Key features:
Mod allows you to watch your favorite video/film directly during the game.
There are two versions of the video player: tablet and laptop.

Attention!!! In the fashion flaws and errors are noticed (they will be corrected). Observed errors and shortcomings:

The video is dimmed in the color of the truck’s body;
The video after the end begins with the beginning;
The maximum file size should not exceed 3 GB;
The maximum resolution is 640х640 pixels;

Installation procedure:
You can download it here.[]
Connect to the mod manager according to the screenshot.
Insert the video file along the path: . Insert the desired video in place of the existing one.
Enjoy the game!

In version
Compatibility with patch 1.31 is added.



24 thoughts on “Video Player for ETS2 1.31

  1. Wrong link

  2. wrong download link…

  3. Nasıl kurulacağına dair video çekermisiniz
    how do I shoot this mode

  4. papaghostPT

    DONT DOWNLOAD this mod its not video player its “painted vans” kkkk LOL its amaizing the imagination of this guys 🙁

  5. dont download. download link is fake (IJs_AIVans.rar)

  6. Correct the link. On this link, a minibus to traffic 🙂

  7. DeXterGamer

    Ohh Sorry! Sorry! im sharing the wrong link THIS IS THE CORRECT–>
    But this Ij’s AIvans on traffic is good mod

    No idea to fix the download link 😉

  8. People are going to play #### on this I guarantee it

    1. Ron Jeremy

      People = you.

  9. Rhino1969

    Wie soll man da Videos rein bekommen bitte ?

  10. How I get use a video?
    I downloaded a mp4 Video with no more than 1GB, 640×480* and put it in video.mp4, but when im start my Game I see on the Laptop only a Red/Yellow/Purple screen, what make I wrong?

      1. Not working for me

        1. ysy770724977

          No matter whether it is 640*480 OGV or MP4, this is a bad mod

          1. Rhino1969

            Das stimmt 🙁 Gibt es da nicht was besseres ?

  11. Doktor_Psix

    Мод не плохой,только нужно сделать как у Кнокса что бы видео можно было включать и отключать клавишей!И в огв формате лучше меньше места видосы занимают.Если допилит то будет огонь!

  12. Doesn’t work
    White screen only

  13. from game log
    00:02:56.909 : [fs] cached read – buffer update failed (/video/video_player/video.mp4)
    00:02:56.909 : Seeking in zlib compressed files is not allowed

  14. AnotherGermanFool

    do you have a link to the second part like you explain above….this “Video player part2″…Thanks in advance

  15. AnotherGermanFool

    Where is the Second PArt you explain in the Description above… there a Link maybe? Thanks

    1. AnotherGermanFool

      Lol forget it….answer the one above….(why i doesnt have seen my comment ?)

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