Volkswagen Caddy V1R40 (1.38)

Fixed sound



10 thoughts on “Volkswagen Caddy V1R40 (1.38)

  1. Man Tge and Vw Multivan please

  2. Make a Mercedes or Audi please

  3. ben brown

    please remove the warning lights from the dash

  4. Pls Audi or Mercedes

  5. Would be really nice if you’d make the new mercedes s-class, such a beautiful car!

  6. Can someone give me a link on how to download ETS2 1.37 or 1.38 version.Pls I beg u in the name of God.I am a Nigerian guy.I need the version and I only have 1.35 version and I am tired of the 1.35 version,I need the new version.Thank u

    1. Simple: BUY IT!

  7. The outside looks really good actually! Lights all work, even the indicators work properly!
    Altough the inside.. all the ”error” lights are on, the wipers are way too low and the indicator lever only works halfway.
    Test it before uploading!

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