Volkswagen Constellation 31-370 + Wood Trailer

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Buy the Vw 31-370 in MAN dealer

– Own interior
– Own sound
– Customizacion
– 8×2 chassis
– Tested in 1.28

– Download it and try it

South Gamer


6 thoughts on “Volkswagen Constellation 31-370 + Wood Trailer

  1. jorgent97

    Hd test…

  2. why you call your video test?
    do you know the meaning of test? to show how it works, what works, and what not. but the last part is always missing.
    all you Youtuber do only one thing, you show that the wheels are turning, nothing more.
    100% useless test.

    give your videos any other name, but not test.

    1. @Rudi: You speak with my words, totally agree with you.
      For several and similar reasons I wrote a special comment, which you can read here:
      Greetings, gerd_e

  3. Mr Govender

    The mod isnt working,checked MAN dealer and nothing there.

    1. cancer_boy

      looking for iveco

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