Volkswagen Passat V1R60 (1.40)

Fixed lights



4 thoughts on “Volkswagen Passat V1R60 (1.40)

  1. Metehan Mete

    Hi trzpro, when are you going to convert your Megane 4 Sedan mod for 1.40 and when are you going to remake the interior?

  2. Metehan Mete

    Hi trzpro, when are you going to release the megane 4 sedan mod that has remaked interior?

  3. Adam Nagy

    I’m sorry to say this, but this mod is just a peace of ####.
    Reasons to say this:
    * Lights are like in the games from the 90s -> There is no light effect.
    * Lights are so weak even in the night, it is not possible to see ANYTHING!
    * It is also not possible to break and turn at the same time or the car will instantly crash and turns over.
    * Cannot drive with more than 120km/h because after it you cannot control the car.

    So sorry but I cannot see any reason to have this mod.

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