Volvo 850 v 1.0

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– Interior
– Ao
– Lightmask
– Template


Azorax Modding, TruckersMP


23 thoughts on “Volvo 850 v 1.0

  1. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.27…

    1. can u make a volvo 945 diesel?

  2. Joe the gamer

    Piece of ####…

    1. GRMModding

      ah the standard hater is back 😀

      1. Killer of Thieves

        It’s envious, do not pay attention. They themselves can not do anything here and write nonsense everyone.

        With Diesel 140 engine – no sounds:(

        1. Joe the gamer

          Quiet before I throw a fit!

          1. GRMModding

            go on i dont care i dont even care about the hate you give it got boring after the first 2 times

      2. Hi!

        The mod is activated in mod manager, but it doesn’t show up at the Volvo dealer.

        I found these lines in the game log if it helps.

        00:01:56.508 : [unit] The file ‘/def/vehicle/truck_dealer/volvo/volvo_8.sii’ does not contain serialised units – missing magic mark.
        00:01:56.508 : load_filtered_unit_array() – Failed to load units from file (/def/vehicle/truck_dealer/volvo/volvo_8.sii)
        00:01:56.509 : [unit] The file ‘/def/vehicle/truck_dealer/volvo/volvo_0.850.sii’ does not contain serialised units – missing magic mark.
        00:01:56.509 : load_filtered_unit_array() – Failed to load units from file (/def/vehicle/truck_dealer/volvo/volvo_0.850.sii)

    2. jules.raton

      @Joe the Gamer Why the hate? The model is very good and detailed. If you don’t want to drive cars in this game, just don’t…

      @GRMModding Maybe a few interior accessories (like 3 slots on the center of the dashboard) would make it even better!

    3. Joe the gamer, you must be talking about yourself?

  3. Wondering, if it does work on v1.26

    1. yes it will

  4. Nice car, but can you do a sedan version and various tunning, like more interior variants, more grills, bumpers etc. and gearboxes. In interior is automatic, but in configuration is manual 🙁
    And game crashes, when i choose 140 hp diesel engine. I have 1.27 version

  5. i drove the V70I 2.5D Automatic Gear Box for about 5 years and 250000 km, It has a 4 Speed box.
    The brakes of this mod are really bad.
    I don’t feel any difference with the 250 Hp petrol engine, no better acc, no better braking or driving than the diesel engine.
    Sad i loved this car especially on the regular way Toulouse to Pas de la casa (you can make it if the new promods is out working with 1.27, or Toulouse to Düsseldorf. Tank is only 70 Liter and Fuelconsumption about 6 to 7 liter of diesel

    1. GRMModding

      well a car in real life wont have a higher petrol tank do not use releastic fuel consumption as that is the faster you drive the more you waste without relastic fuel consumption the car takes fuel like a normal car anyway

  6. OhSoLamePT

    Tested it on version 1.26 (havent upgraded yet do to promods) and it seems to work mostly fine, just no sounds on the diesel engine.

  7. Fernando da Silva

    The mod is graphically perfect, it only needs improvements in the transmission/engine (torque too high, acceleration is too quick and top speed just above 100kph and the car is listed as 4WD instead of FWD as it should be). I would still recommend it. Next suggestion? A LHD version with KPH gauges instead of MPH. Keep it coming

  8. This mod is great and its model is real,but I have a request.
    I think the size of the model is too big.The wheelbase of this mod is 3.12 meters,but the correct wheelbase of Volvo 850 is 2.66 meters.
    Please fix it.

  9. Diesel = no sound at all

    1. But this mod is awesome! keep it up!

  10. there is a 850 Sedan

  11. Hi

  12. Elias Laugen

    Make a new for 1.32 plz. i dosent work now and i want it back!
    Super good job btw loved the sound and the car

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