Volvo B12 BTX Bus Redesign Skin Texture and Interior 3d Bus Skin

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ets2 mods 1.31.x
Changing Log:
-Redesign Skin texture and including High definition texture skin Design
-Redesign Blue Plastics colour dashboard
-Flower Leather cover Cloth seat cover
-Redesign glass texture and sun shield image glass top windows texture
-Real carpet and colour.
-Mudflap Blue colour and the real logo
-Real 3D scaling skin
…More skin texture is changing
…More information to Watching Video.

Ets2 mods B12BTX Bus Passenger mods Hanif Bus skin BD HD And more 1.31.x
Volvo BTX 12 Bus Hanif

Ets2 mods B12BTX Bus+Passenger+ Hanif Bus skin BD

**How to installed hanif BD Skin and Volvo bus and passenger mods**

#1 First Download zip file and extract the full zip file
#2 Copy both scs file from extract folder
#3 go to document euro truck simulator 2 then mods folder
#4 past both file into the mods folder
**//first active Volvo B12BTX bus then actives Volvo_B12B_TX_dealer_fix and Passenger Mods and at last hanif bus skin//**
#5 Open euro truck simulator 2.exe file
actives mods file and enjoy the Hanif bus skin and HD texture
volvo bus.
Please download from original link:



3 thoughts on “Volvo B12 BTX Bus Redesign Skin Texture and Interior 3d Bus Skin

  1. This version only 1.31 (!)

    1. wangdong456


  2. There is no passenger mod included , only the bus file and a dealer fix file.
    The air brake sounds like someone dropped a steel girder on a construction site.

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