Volvo Camera Away and Lowered


This mod makes the position of the camera is lower and away from the wheel.
Only for Volvo. And it’s just the camera mod.

Author: Nabeta


17 thoughts on “Volvo Camera Away and Lowered

  1. Change the download server… Why do I need to register on that ###### site 4shared??


    2. not need pay for creat accont in 4shared, just creat one and download…

    3. playstationmanrocks

      4shared is an easy account to make like 3mins and boom done

  2. NIce one 🙂

  3. not need pay for creat accont in 4shared, just creat one and download…

    1. blah blah blah! Can’t you understand that I do not wish to create an account and probably make a profit for the uploader?
      NO THANKS!

      1. trucker richy

        @F when are you going to understand that making an account on 4shared is TOTALLY FREE!!!!, quit ya whineing and shut up if you are just going to make dumbass comments that actually make me feel less intelligent after reading your drivel. I have seen you say about this before and you are totally way off by saying that the uploader will probably get profit out of it when it is totally free. I created an account and I NEVER paid ANYTHING so STFU or put up

        1. Signing up for any account usually makes a company money as they can sell your details such as your email address to marketers. This is often a big reason why sites require you to sign up for an account.

          There’s also the point that if a modder wants someone to download his work instead of someone else’s, they should make it as easy as possible to download. I don’t even use upload sites that require a captcha, never mind an account.

          1. trucker richy

            @ anon point taken, though I created my account and got nothing back in the way of marketing or e-mails. Only reason he is whineing is probably cause there are 2 ways to create an account on 4shared, 1 button for free account and another for 4shared premium, bet he clicked premium lol, but since he keeps whineing and throwing his rattle out of his pram, I aint helping him with it

        2. Why do you think they make you register, even if it’s free? Because they MAKE MONEY with your email adress.

          Remember, NOTHING on this world is FREE. In the end, somebody pays. Always.

          1. trucker richy

            @ bartvham sorry but I got no e-mails from any marketing. I created my free account and I still use it now, and still I get no marketing e-mails so I am afraid I have to disagree with you mate

          2. steve silent

            @trucker richie

            no you wont recieve emails from marketers.. the site will sell your details (ie your email) to marketers, that is how they make their money to provide the site.. i also will not download from these sites

  4. Please uppload zippyshare! THX

  5. hey plzz upload that interior for me

  6. Where did you get the new cluster from? :O

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