Volvo D13K 3.0 engine sound mod

Hi all,
My D13K Volvo engine sound is finished.
This sound mod is based on the previous version, it uses my own recordings.
Recorded each range of 100rpm’s precision in .wav stereo format 24 bits 96khz. I of course in this version of the mod use my raw files. The quality is better. I’ve recorded the fan sound as well these last days.
It works on the SCS and Eugene Volvo.
I’ve made two variants : one with the fan sound and a second one without the fan. Choose the one you prefer, the fan will be audible when you start the truck (like in real life), and it will also be audible later when you drive.
I’ve also made a separate mod that adds the real Volvo air brakes sounds and air gear sounds.



9 thoughts on “Volvo D13K 3.0 engine sound mod

  1. PolishDriverTruck

    Video Test 1.37…

  2. El Moh Gamer

    Thanks For Sound

  3. thanks for your work! I really looked forward to these sounds, you are a real professional. I go to ETS 2 only on those trucks that have your sounds!

  4. Your sounds are the best!
    Thank You, Master Kriechbaum!

  5. awesome+sound..amazing

  6. Pls add Volvo FH 2009 for this sound…..

  7. Female Trucker

    Good sound but ! When this is installed, the engine size badges on the side of the Volvo no longer work and get lots of red errors saying badges missing from 460 to 750. Any idea’s please?

  8. hello jazzy,
    good sound but unfortunately the mod has a bug. the badges are no longer displayed on the Volvo 2012. In the gamelog you can see which error it is. I tried to fix the error myself, but unfortunately I didn’t make it.
    I hope you can fix this bug.

    1. Kiechbaum of course 😉 sorry

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