Volvo F-Series – 1.30.x.x [Update]

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– 6 types of cabins
– 4 types of chassis
– 2 engines (385 and 465 hp)
– 2 types of gearboxes
– 2 saloon variants
– Own sounds
– Extensive tuning
– Support for DLC Cabin Accessories
– 1.30.x.x (Small Texture Edit + new Flares)
*–UPDATE–* : Fixed Lights bug

Template included!
Adapted to the game version 1.30.x.x

File is compressed :
Open the file with WinRAR !
Inside the file is a .scs file for you .

Regards !

sadwa, KrewlexDesigns


15 thoughts on “Volvo F-Series – 1.30.x.x [Update]

  1. PLEASE FIX file extension to RAR!
    And THANKS for UPDATE!

  2. Automobile Freak YT

    hd test video at ….

  3. jorgent97

    Hd video 1.30…

  4. FoxOnTheBox

    One of my favourite mods, thank you for updating to 1.30!

    HD Video tested on 1.30

  5. VOLVO_F-Series_1.30.krewlex
    What is this file (.krewlex)? Where does she belong?

    1. KrewlexDesigns

      Its my File .

      1. Please change the file to .RAR, since .Krewlex basically does nothing and doesn’t show the truck file.

      2. Delete #### window reflection next time.

        That’s so unnatural~

  6. hi+all+right+click+on+file+where+it+says+open+with,+choose+winrar+then+go+to+file+it+will+be+a+scs+file+hope+this+helps

  7. ###### window replection~

    1. How to delete Inner Window reflections.

      Open volvo_fh12-16.scs using winrar or other things.

      open file and go to


      find window.mat, and window3.mat

      delete window3.mat : this is ###### reflection file

      copy window.mat to your desktop

      change file name : window.mat => window3.mat

      move window3.mat => Original location

      and You can see clean windows

  8. @KrewlexDesigns shame on you !!!
    real autor is : Mahyar.Gh – MR.Reza – SHOOFER –

  9. Where i can buy this Volvo?
    In Volvo truck dealer not be

  10. No licenceplate (apart from all the iran one’s).
    I mean the county plate or WoT plate.
    Accesoiries show up at all trucks (Mudflaps and Top lights) dont like that. Can you fix it? Or what files do I have to delete?

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