Volvo F16 Open Pipe Sound v 1.0

Volvo F16 Open Pipe Sound

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This is for Punishers Volvo F16 mod.

List of sounds it adds/changes:
– Correct old Volvo blinker sounds
– New Retarder sound
– New engine and exhaust sounds
– New Air brakes and Gear air sounds

Author: MrTheFlashback


3 Responses to Volvo F16 Open Pipe Sound v 1.0

  1. aleksey says:

    Красивый звук.Мoлoдец!

  2. leti7kedil says:

    00:00:23.577 : Included at ‘/def/vehicle/truck/f.16/sound/exterior.sii’, line 38:
    00:00:23.577 : [unit] The unit ‘.asphnoise’, referenced in the attribute ‘asphalt_noise’ of unit ‘ext.f.16.sound’ (of type ‘accessory_sound_data’) is already owned by something else.
    00:00:23.577 : load_unit() – Failed to load units from file (/def/vehicle/truck/f.16/sound/exterior.sii)
    00:00:23.580 : [unit] File ‘/def/vehicle/truck/common_sound_int.sui’, line 12:
    00:00:23.580 : Included at ‘/def/vehicle/truck/f.16/sound/interior.sii’, line 39:

  3. NielsV says:

    Tried this one instead, does not work.

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