Volvo FH 12/16 I Generation v 1.2


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– 4 kinds of bumper
– 6 types of glasses
– 2 types of lower grille
– 2 types of lower-marker lights
– 2 types of points lower dimensional headlights
– 2 types of edging upper grille
– 2 type turn signals
– 2 types of upper grille
– 2 types of pens
– 4 types of the lower wings
– 4 kinds of upper wings
– 6 types of fixed mirrors
– 3 types of front mirrors
– 2 kinds of side mirrors
– 3 types of wipers panel
– 16 species visor
– 2 types of trains lights
– lamp for cab
– 2 kinds of spoilers
– 2 types of strips in the saloon (wood and plastic)
– 4 types of exhaust pipe
– 4 types of rear wing
– 2 types of flooring for the booth
– 48 design options Globe
– 6 types of rights tanks
– 14 species left tanks
– 3 types of Receivers
– 7 types of license plates

Work on v1.24 !

Author: Tovar (Sergey Lunin)

DOWNLOAD 515 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 515 MB [Uploadfiles]

25 Responses to Volvo FH 12/16 I Generation v 1.2

  1. Ronon says:

    A beatifull truck man good work u only need to contact Kapitan Kriechbaum for a sound mod for ur magnificent truck.Thanks for sharing keep up the good work

    • Joe the gamer says:

      Not bad, but Solaris36’s a lot better, in my opinion, because it has more accessories 🙂

  2. Pippo says:

    Good Job. Btw, how can I get this Trailer `?

  3. the sgt topping says:

    this mod bdu my just over hour ago


  4. Diablo says:

    Test Video on my Youtube Channelł PL

  5. Mahyar.Gh says:

    hi Tovar


    why you use my streeng wheel ?

    no problem but please write my name in Author

    and please fix streeng wheel for this mod . in volvo TX streeng work perfect but in this mod has some bug


  6. FyfferPlay says:

    Link for the trailer?

  7. TruckingWithReecyb says:

    Showcase of this Mod –

  8. zabegan says:

    useless truck. Look at the mirrors

  9. senninha says:

    this truck is nice i like but just need 3 things , globetrotter and low cabin and chassi 6×2 nad thats is

  10. sakajeejee says:

    Game crash at 1.24 why?

    • RomanianTrucker7 says:

      Because you don’t know how to use mods sakajeejee

  11. Banshee says:

    Please , give us a template

    • Joe the gamer says:

      You can create it by yourself… Search Youtube “How to create a
      skinning template for ets2”

  12. Theosz says:

    is it really 2.1 GB to this .scs mod? Biggest I had seen.

  13. XXXX says:

    О Блять ведро слили лунина.хахаххаах.ору с этой хуйни ебанутой

  14. senninha says:

    i come here to say thanks again i done 1500 km with hem , was nice if was a 380 engine with the 380 badge , i just change the sound and put tint windows , nice truck i think this is the best fh12 for ets 2

  15. RomanianTrucker7 says:

    I’m joking you probably have a mod conflict

  16. 191910 says:

    Can you complete the dashboard pls.??!! (Indicators) thx.

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