VOLVO FH All black


This volvo is all black. Very good view. Also have interior. Enjoy.

nikola, rutenjo


9 thoughts on “VOLVO FH All black

  1. Jus another fake get alife as I’m oltheconlnly one who has it

  2. Video please

  3. Please give a link to another file sharing

  4. Hobbytrucker

    This is truck of my mate!!! The uploader steals this picture from a facebook group

  5. Specialist Trucker.01

    This is bullshit, get a life and stop stealing pictures,
    GOD DAMMIT faggots like this #### me off

  6. me cajo en tu puta madre sabes vosotros solo jodeis el juego con buestros fakes

  7. Video?

  8. JeKaleMaNL

    F*cking ####### stop stealing pics

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