Volvo FH Classic Ohaha Interior/Exterior Rework

Volvo-FH-Classic-Ohaha-Interior-1 Volvo-FH-Classic-Ohaha-Interior-2 Volvo-FH-Classic-Ohaha-Interior-3

Mod is an adaptation of Volvo FH16 2009 Interior/Exterior Rework mod for Ohaha`s Volvo FH Classic mod (version 15.4s)!

Key features:

– New improved dashboard in HD;
– Vast majority of interior textures changed on HD ones: plastic/fabric/leather materials, tachograph, mp3-radio, lamps, floor mats, sleeper etc;
– Interiors recreated using real life data;
– Improved exterior truck textures: front lights, lateral lights, tail lights, rear mudflaps, grill, sunshield, schilds, mud guards etc;
– New HD versions of outside interior textures;
– RHD and LHD compatible.

Installation instructions:
1.Extract scs file from downloaded archive to mod folder of ETS2;
2.Open in-game mod manager and enable “Ohaha`s Volvo FH16 2009 Interior/Exterior Rework with higher priority, than Ohaha`s mod;

Mod is successfully tested on ETS2 ver. 1.22.

AlexeyP. Credits to Ohaha and SCS for this truck.


9 thoughts on “Volvo FH Classic Ohaha Interior/Exterior Rework

  1. I can’t download it.. –‘ Loading loading and loding… Infinity… And not loading as long for any other mod…

    1. I have the same problem

      1. Maybe sharemods have problem. They are redesign and update site now. Link is working now.

        1. AlexeyP ; Thanks it’s working 😉

  2. Hi ladies and gentlemen, Great work for ohaha, my question is ¿this mod included the sideskirt in chassis 6×4?

    1. My mod is just graphics rework (2d) of Ohaha`s mod. For sideskirts ask Ohaha himself.

  3. non mi si cambiano i fanali e non mi fa mettere lo spoiler perché?

  4. I can not put the spoiler why?

  5. How did you get Ohaha’s Volvo FH work in 1.22??

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