Volvo FH New Dashboard


New LCD screen, new lights and etc.

Authors: SCS, Moders Team Poland, kuba141


9 thoughts on “Volvo FH New Dashboard

  1. Very good mod, I have been waiting a long time on something like that. Is there a possibility to change that cream color?

  2. Migara Madawa

    I Won’t 300KmpH speedometer. Please

  3. Migara Madawa

    I Won’t 300KmpH speedometer For Volvo FH 2012. Please

  4. Start playing Need For Speed, not Euro Truck…

  5. Andis_Kreps

    True! 😀

  6. Your mother is calling: No more NFS.

  7. Well said mate

  8. szetland1971

    should be green

  9. Faelandaea

    Works perfect on Thank you. 🙂

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