Volvo FH Series Sound Mod


Totaly New and Redisigned Volvo FH Straight Pipes Sounds Mods
Volvo FH Series Stright Pipes Sound Mod V1 and V2, sound mods are for FH16 Volvo from SCS and also for and Addon Mod Volvo FH13 Classic

Author: ComandoreOne


4 thoughts on “Volvo FH Series Sound Mod

  1. Great sound ComandoreOne! Can you please make a sound for MAN TGX too?

  2. Ses 1 Rigolo le gars qui conduit , bouffon de la nature . On entend rien sur le bruit du moteur a plein régime. Tu fait de la figuration bouffon.

    His a Comedian the guy who drives, farcical of nature. They hear nothing on the noise of the motor has full employment. You made by the playing bit parts clown.

  3. ComandoreOne

    Hey guys! Okay thanks for this comments, i also take your comment in consideration, now about this sound mod, i did a better version the VikkerTwo and i will be uploading it today here so stay tuned for better version with some cool change, the interior have now better and improved sound now you don’t hear the pistons clikings and now is more smooth and give feel of the real thing, also the new horn, so stay tuned and i can totaly say now that next sound mod is a DAF, then i will be doing the MAN v8!

    Thank you and best regards ComandoreOne.

    Don’t forget to check my youtube videos there is an giveaway contest going on!
    Cya boys my fellow truckers!

  4. The sound is just amazing. It sounds like a real straigt piped Volvo. Nice job ComandoreOne.

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