Volvo FH16 Classic Heavy Duty Addon v1.0-BETA4


This mod includes many new items for ohaha’s Volvo FH16 Classic with the goal of offering more heavy and specialised haulage focused options for ohaha’s awesome truck.

This mod still fully requires ohaha’s truck as it is merely an addon mod. It will add additional items to his truck but will not replace or modify existing items.

The primary focus when building this truck was to make myself a custom 8×4 chassis and while ohaha did include an 8×4 chassis for his truck it was not the type of 8×4 I prefer.

As such I started to make a private mod that would offer my preferred type 8×4 chassis. I also tuned it and configured it so it could easily haul trailers that are in excess of 80t without losing traction while also being able to offer a better turning circle under heavy load.

Since then I’ve decided to release it publicly so others may benefit from the mod!

Required Mods:
In order for this mod to function correctly you will need ohaha’s “Volvo FH16 Classic”.

You may find it here:

Tested Compatible Game Version(s):

Version 1.0 BETA 4 – 24/12/16:
– Add 8×4 Midlift chassis variant
– Add ability to change rear lights
– Add cage sideskirt
– Further 8×4 chassis cleanups
– Change wheel positions to be more accurate to the real truck
– Fix issues with “Single Extra Tank” – looks better now
– New rear mudguards
– Tweaked old mudguards
– Replaced sideskirts
– Tweak material and uv settings for front / side mirrors, they now match main mirrors perfectly
– Fix possible issue where front / side mirrors may not reflect
– Rework levels and prices for all items
– Tweak advanced coupling a bit more to stop the “loose” feeling
– Drop sideskirt steps as they no longer fit the tweaked chassis – may be re-added in future update. Locator still exists for those who want to add their own
– Tweaked UI shadow due to new wheel positions

BlackBloodRum, ohaha


One thought on “Volvo FH16 Classic Heavy Duty Addon v1.0-BETA4

  1. BlackBloodRum

    Forgot to mention in the description, if you’ve got an older version of this mod installed you’ll need to sell the old truck as a lot changed in this version.

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