Volvo reworked sound mod updated

Volvo reworked sound mod updated

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Hi all, i have updated my previous Volvo reworked sound mod. This one works perfectly on 1.18 +, now it has the “FAN” sound and a few tweaks here and there.
It works for Volvo FH13 – FH16 and FH2012 (Ohaha and SCS).

There’s in the archive an additionnal mod, use it if you want louder in cabin noises.
Truck and trailer in the video are private.

Author: Kriechbaum


22 Responses to Volvo reworked sound mod updated

  1. wegger says:

    Great sound! Danke!

  2. Adamisch says:

    Best sound atm I will try it out 😀

  3. Piratxxx11 says:

    Really NICE!! Thanks 🙂

  4. jan says:

    great sound please make a sound mod for iveco hi way and mercedes actros mp4 truck

  5. jan says:

    and iveco stralis euro 5 please

  6. Maik Kantrowicz says:

    Please a Sound for the iveco stralis , a stock Sound

  7. Maik Kantrowicz says:

    where can I find these rims for 1:18 ??

  8. volidas says:

    !!! sillent !!! open it …

  9. SyncMafiaa says:

    Kriechbaum. Please make your Ronnie Ceusters Scania public.
    Its a very good mod but you wont make it public or even sell it.

  10. Evox says:

    Sound like the engine fan is permanently active, good for summer maybe

  11. MacedonianTrucker says:

    Can you do a real turn signal for Volvo Euro 6 ?

  12. Adrian says:

    Interiors mods ???

  13. Evox says:

    But it’s perfect as usual many thanks

  14. вован84 says:

    Kriechbaum здорово …ты парень погляжу шустрый где такие прицепы реальные крутые ты берешь…скинь ссылку на каждый или комплект крутых как твой контейнер .прицепы…сколько в сумме они будут несколько штук стоить…ссылку мне и сумму сюда скинь…я возможно и куплю парочку.

  15. Pawel92 says:

    Private dashboard ?

  16. Zedosix says:

    Broken file …

  17. TodoMundoLocko says:

    Great work as aways. But I think u should remove or put lower the sound of file “tires_bearings_road” especially in the interior. Its so hight, so “arrghht!!”, I fixe mine in the def files. Much better.

  18. old3001 says:

    Excellent sound. Best of all.

  19. EneaMaconi says:

    CRASH ON 1.19.

  20. Sweeth says:

    Please fix crash on 1.19, I love this sound 🙁

  21. mati says:

    link to accesories ?pls

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