VW Golf Mk2 GTI edited by Traian

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VW Golf Mk2 GTI
-edited by me
-buy in Scania dealer
-works on 1.24, 1.25, 1.26 and 1.27
-2 engines 200hp and 1233hp (Boba)
-2 chassis AWD and FWD
-own interior

Have fun!

Diablo, ZY Express( LH Trucker ), TruckersMP, Traian


10 thoughts on “VW Golf Mk2 GTI edited by Traian

    1. …and you should play NFS or any other Game. 🙁

      1. Why? it’s need to cars yet for asking…

        1. I know a guy who made a Cadillac Escalade for ETS 2, you should search…

          1. This guy is Azorax Modding 🙂

  1. Don’t download this mod. It’s only crashing game !-.-…

  2. FoxOnTheBox

    1080p HD 60FPS Video tested on 1.27


    Lovely model, all works great once you select the correct parts. I think the 1233hp engine is a little too much though! 😉

  3. bonjour sa serait bien de faire une corrado si c etait possible

    1. J’en sais rien après si j’étais un moddeur j’airais fait la VW Polo IV avec les moteurs et tout ce qui existe dessus

  4. Elias Wiik


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