Wolter Koops Transport Truck + Trailer

Wolter Koops Skin

Scania S High and Krone Coolliner

– Truckskin 8000*8000 Pixels
– Trailerskin 17000*8000 Pixels
– done with Adobe Photoshop CC2019, Affinity Photo and Designer

Big Thanks to Baronz!
Respect original Link!

damaged, Baronz


19 thoughts on “Wolter Koops Transport Truck + Trailer

  1. timo kummeling

    there is a password on it!!

    1. of course there is. why ther should be no pw?

  2. TheGreenlightTrucker

    8kx8k but the color isn’t right one (Gold metallic).

    BUT: Nice work also 😉

    1. Thanks, yeah i know. First time for me working with metallic. Maybe the next will be better 🙂

      1. TheGreenlightTrucker

        Okay, then it’s alright.
        If you need help, just ask (:

        Facebook -> The Greenlight Trucker

        1. Thanks Buddy 🙂

  3. But what do you block, there are a million skins, and also ask to respect your link.

    1. So what is your problem now?

      1. 1-create skins already edited by other authors is not correct.
        2- Why not give the opportunity to other friends to understand how to create a mod? (he used the structure of other authors free for all)
        3- if you are not the author, why do not you do your own business? or do you need a lawyer?

        1. Who edited it already? Tell me pls.

          I was not using any structures of any friends. You know nothing about it and you try to tell me how i created these skin? dude, i have all the files. recreated the logo with affinity designer. so i made it by myself. i choose the colors, the size of the files. So what?

          So i am the author and like you say… mind your own business 🙂

          1. I only give you a name that I remember, but there are many: Killermodding (not important)
            I too have learned from free mods and for me it makes no sense to block my skin I would be just a big EGOIST.
            On this forum there are many links to download the software to unlock the mods, who is interested in your mods how do you not?
            Do not be angry, I think so.

        2. Zoso stfu already

          @damaged, don’t mind him, he has mental problems. Do and share whatever you want man!

          1. I have not offended anyone and Damaged has not offended me the polite people behave like that.
            With your comment you have shown all your intelligence and have not understood anything. I have also seen that everyone is in agreement with you.

    2. Zoso, shut up.

  4. Catharina Aalders

    Trailer skin pakt die niet nergens staat de skin

  5. ### really that much comments for such a sh.ty skin?

    Are you all blind? Compare the skin with IRL photo. It is way off compared to real one. The font, font size, logo, color…

    You all retarded.

    Also if you want to know what is inside that nonsense junk mod google “Scs dart”. You will unlock this sh.t

    1. Than pls do it better for a sh***y Skin 🙂

  6. can you make a partrick v.d hoeven or asg vak hct skin ?

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