Wooden Pallet Trailer


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Author: Nikola Kostovski


20 thoughts on “Wooden Pallet Trailer

  1. Joe Alker

    What trailer does this replace

    1. Nikola Kostovski

      high pressure tank.

  2. Can you make just an empty flatbed trailer ? Pleasee

    1. Nikola Kostovski

      yes ofcourse,read the readme.txt file in the RAR folder and contact me..

      1. Fantastic thankyou I will contact you shortly I’ve been wanting a empty flat bed for a long time now

  3. Funnymove

    I called, but I could not find trailers

    1. Nikola Kostovski

      search for Pallets Trailer ( high pressure tank)


  5. Marcelo Sanchez

    My dear friend Nikola Kostovski:
    You are a genius!
    I collect all his works.
    Sorry for the meddling in this topic, but contact with you, it is difficult.
    I would ask a special favor, please. Make a mod of Renault Premium 6×2 6×4. No one is well done (and only two). SCS confirmed that I will not make it.
    You are my last hope, It’s my favorite truck!
    Thanks for your time, and congratulations for your great job, is the best!
    Best regards!
    Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  6. Sorry, but it just chenges the name “pressure tank” to “wooden pallet” only. It doesn’t replace the original trailer. What should I do now?

    1. Nikola Kostovski

      Get the pressure tank trailer,and you will have the wooden pallet Trailer,just the small icon makes you feeling that the Wooden Pallet Trailer is not in the game..

      1. Oh thanks, but can you move the pallets backward few inches, they hit the flatbed front wall.

  7. nikola I cannot contact you threw facebook as I don’t have a facebook account could I have ur email address please ?

    1. Nikola Kostovski
  8. Can you make that trailet that this dont replace any of older trailer in game and it is standalone new cargo trailer

    1. Nikola Kostovski

      I can but noone need Standalone..

  9. Pepiito83

    Possibility of adding girthes for more realism in a next putting has in the daytime?
    Good work man !

  10. Nikola Kostovski

    Of course,in the next update I will do..

  11. Pepiito83

    Thanks !!!

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