WX Weather Environment v 1.1

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– Adaptation to the new version of the game Patch 1.23.x or higher.
– Removed unnecessary files.
– Added Guard-rails with reflective By Brutal HD Engine.
– Added realistic lighting By Realistic Lightning.
– Tested in Default Map + DLC Scandinavia + DLC Going East.
– Tested on Map Promods v2.0 + Rusmap.
– Do not have compatibility with the EAA Map.
– Do not have compatibility with RBR Map.
– You are advised to activate HDR in the graphics of the game configuration panel.
– Use the probability of rain between 25% and 50%.
– There may be incompatible with other maps and Mods of Climate and Environment.

Tested 1.23.x
– Free distribution.

Author: i9 Simulations Team


3 thoughts on “WX Weather Environment v 1.1

  1. Nice mod but when I play with this mod I have sometimes invisible walls on the road. I play with pro mods + rus map.

    1. Can confirm – invisible walls all over the place with this mod and Promods + RusMap.

  2. That is a problem with promods i think, not this mod

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