With this mod, you can see any part of map whichever map you use. It little changes four different zooms so that you have a better view of job chooser. Also, discovered and undiscovered roads have the same color (gold and grey) in job chooser and map.



5 thoughts on “Zoom

  1. This is most have mod , ohhhh ,i even write to SCS to make this happend ,because it is impossible to click on Saint Petersburg or more easter cities in Baltic Sea when choosing from freight market or quick jobs. Thank you so much for making this possible.But here is another thing.I am using RusMap+Southern Region and i need more zoom to be able to click on some cities ,You think it is possible to increase the zoom in the future ?
    Thank you :).

  2. This zoom should be good for much further maps than Southern region.

    1. Well i put it on top of my mod list and still i can’t reach the ciities in Southern Region when i am in freight market or quick jobs…could be a mod compability issue ?

      1. I just tried zoom with Southern region and I can go much easter than the map.

  3. this mod does not work i can not zoom in to see the route

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