1800 Degrees Steering Wheel Animations v 1.3

Changelog v1.3:

Added support for the following trucks:
– Scania T (v2.2 by RJL)
– DAF XF 105 (“Improved DAF XF 105” v1.5.1 by AlexeyP, Kriechbaum, 50keda, and others)
– MAN TGX 2010 (v3.4 by XBS)

Full list of supported trucks:

Scania T (v2.2 by RJL)
DAF XF 105 (“Improved DAF XF 105” v1.5.1 by AlexeyP, Kriechbaum, 50keda, and others)
MAN TGX 2010 (v3.4 by XBS)
Scania R4 (v2.2 by RJL)
Scania T4 (v2.2 by RJL)
Scania R & Streamline Modifications (v2.2 by RJL)
MAN TGA (v1.4 by MADster)
MAN TGS (v1.3 by MADster)
DAF XF (default truck)
DAF XF Euro 6 (default truck)
Iveco HiWay (default truck)
Iveco Stralis (default truck)
MAN TGX (default truck)
Mercedes Actros 2009 (default truck)
Reanult Magnum 2009 (default truck)
Renault Premium (default truck)
Scania R (default truck)
Scania Streamline (default truck)
Volvo FH16 (default truck)
Volvo FH16 2012 (default truck)
Scania G (Mod by JVS2018)

For any requests or questions, feel free to e-mail me: [email protected]



29 thoughts on “1800 Degrees Steering Wheel Animations v 1.3

  1. Mercedes New Actros not working..
    The mod is perfect, but mercedes New Actros not working..

    1. As I’ve told you in the Email – if you read the list of supported trucks, the new Actros is not listed, because it’s not supported (who would’ve known?).
      The number of frames in the Steering Wheel animation of the new Actros is too low

      1. you can add additional frames actually
        I added additional 10 frames make it the total of 21 frames,but copying and pasting steering angle is a tedious process lol

        1. kadir060606

          Hi brother. Did you manage to animate 1800 degrees? If you did, would you share it?

  2. Please add for the following trucks:
    -Volvo FH12/FH16 by Cyrus
    -Renault T Range (Polath mods)
    -MAZ 6440 (Vovan)

    1. It’ll be included no later than v1.5.

  3. Could you please make it for the Scania 143M ?

    1. I’ll take it into consideration.

  4. Great work.
    Can you add for Volvo FH 2012 by Eugene?

    1. I’m pretty sure that Eugene’s mod is basically just a major rework of the default FH16 2012, and that it utilizes the same directories and file names.
      Try my Mod with it and see if it works.

  5. DeGelderseTrucker

    Hello, I’ve tryed it with the Scania R & S Modifications 2.2 for 1.27 and your mod (1800 degrees mod), but it don’t work, my RJL truck is still steering 900 degrees, while I have your mod on, and Scania R & S Modifications 2.2 is supported as I see in the desc.

    1. It has indeed been brought to my attention, and it turns out my Mod only works for the 6-series interiors of the RS.
      In v1.4, all the interiors of the RJL’s Scania R & Streamline will be fully supported.


      1. when is it coming out, i love this mod and i cant wait to get it on to rjl mod

  6. I have Man Tga 1.4 by Madster and not working. Why?

    1. Make sure that my mod is higher prioritized than Madster’s, and that there’s no other mod modifying Madster MAN TGA (some might not work).

      There’s nothing wrong with my mod regarding the MAN TGA – I made that sure before uploading it.

      1. Ok, thank you very much.

      2. Ok, thank you very much

  7. I have Scania Rjl Modifications. V.22.1 And your mod. But its not working. Why? Game version. 1.28. And i have your mod higher than the Truck mod. But its still not working! Please help!

  8. Trucklover124

    I Have Scania Rjl’s Modifications. V.22.1 Game Version. 1.28 And i have your mod Higher than the truck mod. But its not working. Please help! I really like this mod! Scania Steamline 6 series.


  9. i have scania r and streamline modification for 2.2 and not working please help

  10. and please make it for scania 164l

  11. 180 degrees

    Hello I would be willing to pay if you could make an animation that is only 180 degrees steering for a scania R 730 because that would match my racing wheel irl perfectly and make the steering less jittery in game i think

    please get back to me thanks

  12. It seems like this doesnt work in the latest game version(1.28)
    when is the 1.4 coming?

  13. Markus Voß




  14. Mod has been broken after update game to v1.30 (beta patch).
    Game crashes after selecting of truck Volvo FH 2012.
    Other trucks work correct.

    1. TukkerTrucker

      Same problem here. Hopefully this gets fixed in the next update, really love this mod!!!

  15. DeGelderseTrucker

    Can you add Scania S 2016 and Scania R 2016 with 1800 degree steering wheel ? Thanks 😀

  16. Hi, please can you update the mod to 1.30 version? I love it, but it is broken now. Also it would be great if you will extend it for new trucks. Thanks!

  17. Not work with rjl scania 2.2.3 bro…

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