2.0 Dumo Reshade for ETS Patch 1.36

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– Realistic Color
– Less Pure White
– Better Contrast
– Better Sharpness and Focus
– Less colour
– Brighter cockpit

Dumo Nagrywa

Dumo Nagrywa


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11 thoughts on “2.0 Dumo Reshade for ETS Patch 1.36

  1. TheGreenlightTrucker

    Great, thanks (:

  2. how do i use this ingame

    1. TheGreenlightTrucker

      You need to download ReShade (www.reshade.me).
      Search a tutorial @YouTube 😉

  3. Install instructions?

  4. too dark, too gray, too few colors !!

    1. TheGreenlightTrucker

      You can edit it in game 😉

  5. Leandro Silva

    durante o dia ja esta escuro , imagina anoite , cores mortas , creio que devemos chamar a nasa , pra ver oque se passa com o criador !!! kkkkkkk

    1. Creio que devemos chamar a nasa pra estudar BR igual vc que não sabe comentar uma dica construtiva mas sim diminuir o trabalho dos outros.

  6. please could you do this mod over but with the original vanila sky

  7. Dumo Nagrywa

    Instalation instruction:

    instal reshade from here: https://reshade.me/
    put my “preset” in steam / steamapps / common / Euro Truck Simulator / bin / win_x64

    in game click home and set my file

  8. 1.In addition to being too dark and too gray, shadows appear.
    Here is the proof: https://imgur.com/Qx4aVxv / https://imgur.com/amHEBpg

    2. You can’t give it that way, and when people ask, you tell them you can edit in the game. No brother, either you set it, just as you show it in pictures, or then you don’t post it anymore.

    3.Take the example from others who post Reshade, such as: Johndoe Sickx, Juanbox and others. Which do a very good job.

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