50° FOV cameras

50° FOV cameras

This mod changes the FOV of all the cameras in the game to a 50° angle, for that touch of realism. Only the exterior cameras are changed, for the interior camera you need to go to Cabin Adjustments and modify FOV from the Seat Position Menu.

I highly recommend using the Seat Adjustment No Limits mod by satan19990 (v1.1.1):

Please note: if you do use Seat Adjustment No Limits mod, make sure 50° FOV cameras is set to higher priority!

I have made a version of the mod compatibile with Kraker addon for Scania RJL by Kast:

to get the Kraker addon for Scania RJL by Kast go here viewtopic.php?f=35&t=246483

Tried and tested with game version 1.28.


DOWNLOAD 46 KB 50° FOV cameras by Wembo for Default trucks
DOWNLOAD 47 KB 50° FOV cameras by Wembo for Tandem by Kast

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