Animated Side Curtains for DAF 105 v1.0

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Want to offer a small addition to DLС “Cabin Accessories” that extends the range of curtains that are already in the game. The curtains are available, I added animated fake curtains on the side windows. Since the additional curtains are a complement to the existing ones, the textures and colors are made in accordance with the original.

When distributing, please keep the original link.

SCS, oq37


3 thoughts on “Animated Side Curtains for DAF 105 v1.0

  1. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.31…

  2. ChrisTrucker

    please make it for the DAF Euro 6 😀

  3. Please do that for all LKws
    many people here will be grateful … or least for Mercedes Benz .. please, please.

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