ASG Tandem Pack

ASG pack

This pack contains a truckskin, tandem mod, wheelpaint and wheeltext.

-The truckskin is suitable for the Scania by RJL, Topline cabin only.

-Use the wheelmod by Abasstreppas and place the paint and text mod above it in your mod list.
The wheelmod can be found here:

Hope you will enjoy this mod.

If you have any questions, you can contact me by FB,

Many thanks to: Abasstreppas, RJL, SCS, and Badkarma Customs Lastvognsservice.


DrRossi, BadKarma Customs Lastvognsservice


8 thoughts on “ASG Tandem Pack

  1. I’m guessing this only works with Bussbygg, you should make it for Ekeri and NTM as well 😉

  2. Maybe in the future. I will start using the Ekeri/NTM soon, because the Bussbygg is not supported anymore unfortunately.

  3. Truck + trailer well modeled, by significant error.
    Video presentation here:
    Attention it is necessary the Scania R & Streamline Modifications V2.2.2 for download here:

    1. Why don’t you post the original downloadlink in your youtube video??
      Bad presentation, not using the skin for the truck.

  4. Christer Lind

    Do I need the original bussbygg mod? Which btw is incompatible with ETS2 1.31. I wonder because my game crashes everytime I leave the Truckshop after I bought a truck with this mod.

    1. No, you do not need the original Bussbygg mod.
      Unfortunately, Badkarma stopped modding, so it won’t be updated to 1.31.
      I think it is still use able, but will probably generate some errors.
      Personally, haven’t tested the Bussbygg in 1.31 yet.

  5. Doge_DogeDoge

    I don’t see the scania RJL in scania shop…

    1. For the RJL, you need a fix in 1.31 to show it in the shop.
      Fix can be found on the scs forum and on this site.

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