ATS Heavy Cargo in ETS2 v 1.1

Compatible Mod For Version: 1.28.x
Tested On Passed !

Standalone Trailer
No Drop Frame
Bug`s Fixed.
Added Beacon Light For Trailer
The Wheels in This Version Has With Rotating

⛔️ Pls Dont ReUpload this File on other Host ⛔️

Enjoy It !

SCS, MehdiAnti


17 thoughts on “ATS Heavy Cargo in ETS2 v 1.1

  1. OwenGamer905


    1. MehdiAnti

      no, this mod has No need to DLC

  2. Map+Link+?+Please

    1. MehdiAnti

      Växjö – Road of BJORK Company in Scandinavia DLC

  3. You cannot use the PAID DLC of ATS , and use it on another game !!! Have you got authorisation from SCS ????

    1. OwenGamer905

      that’s a good point, i don’t want to ge tin trouble for having this mod but it is good!

    2. Why don’t you shut the #### up, you self righteous knob!

      1. The Jammer

        He’s right, SCS can sue him for doing that. Although they probably won’t.

  4. annonomous


    1. where can i find them?

  5. Pls support ver. 1.30.x.x.x

    1. Dayat Jr.

      It can use in ets 2 v 1.30, i try it and work..

  6. FaantBoy501

    The spreader starts to wobble when reaching high speeds. Probably cause of the steering axles on it.

  7. Dayat Jr.

    Can you make this mod as special transport trailer in ets 2 1.30 ??
    I realy waiting for it..

  8. Hericson01

    From a certain speed the trailer begins to vibrate and the truck collides with the load when it will maneuver. Please update the mod when possible, I really enjoy playing with it.

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