Heavy Realistic Physics v2.0

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Sophisticated physics for realistic lovers, 50% of the reworked Physics Advanced Techkilla. Not for the riders. To this physics you will feel all the charm of a heavy management, multi-ton trucks. You will learn to observe the speed limit and you will really need it, because at high speed is very high risk that your truck is on its side.

Changes in this version:
– Added full support for all chassis Scania R Streamline modifications v2.1 by RJL, MAN TGA, MAN TGS Euro 6 by MADster;
– Corrected the amplitude of the cabin swinging.
– Fixed an issue with sticking out from under the wheels of the wings on the chassis with lifting axle.

It supports all default physics, as well as all of the above, and trucks from the previous versions.

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10 thoughts on “Heavy Realistic Physics v2.0

  1. wow nice love the mod thanks

  2. У прицепов тоже физики добавляется?

  3. wow nice work (Y)

  4. hi+there…+:-)+


  5. Thx for an extremely good mod 🙂 It’s even better than AlexeyP

    1. Big-Russian-Bear

      Thank you for your positive comment! 🙂

  6. Sorry, I have to disappoint you. There are bugs in your mod. Driving Dijon to Strasbourg on A36 there is a small bump in the road in the left bend just after the toll station. The small bump made my Volvo truck jump like mad and roll over :(. So back to AlexayP

  7. RedDragonMK

    Big-Russian-Bear, how can i contact you ???

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