BMW E36 Compact V1R2 (1.33.X)

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Updated to 1.33
Fixed gear
Fixed engine



8 thoughts on “BMW E36 Compact V1R2 (1.33.X)

  1. дерьмо самое откровенное!

  2. VIdeo test gameplay –

  3. JGaming HD

    Hd video 1.33…

  4. I would like a good car mod to use in ets2. But instead there’s just rubbish

  5. Quelqu’un peut faire une puce s’il vous plaît

  6. Quelqu’un peut faire une smart s’il vous plaît

  7. dagamegator


  8. Dexter15291

    Really good car.
    The only lacks: no milesage on the speedometer and fix numberplate (only turkish).
    Good behaviour of the car also in high speed.
    Speed limited to 165 kph (all in all is better in this way, is an help to avoid accidents), realistic interiors, good distance between you and the wheel and good brake system (you don’t need to change the brake length).
    Awesome work.

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