Bulk War trailer


Version: 1.4.1 By 1.8.2 (Test Another Version)

Mod Edit: Riba
Images: FilipeArce


5 Responses to Bulk War trailer

  1. PallMall says:

    Old version trailer, new upload

    with v1.8xx looks like a dragster behind the truck

  2. Rocket455Man says:

    What Volvo is the picture?

    Where I can download it?

    – The real full trailer combination driver –

  3. Linder says:

    Catastrophic suspension failure on the front axle?

  4. Bear6259 says:

    I can just imagine 15K in damage leaving the first depot with a load! Having a truck lowered as much as this serves no practical purpose. Before everyone starts, I know that taste is subjective. And this is my opinion and mine alone
    BTW great trailer mod thank you

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