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DAF XF Unity Edition

Get ready to spice up your Super Space Cab DAF XF with one of the fourteen new paint jobs – each of them related to one of the following 14 countries – Netherlands, Belgium, Turkey, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Slovakia, Spain, Portugal, France, Hungary, Italy, Austria, and Russia.

Because these in-game paint jobs reflect the unique customization to the specific DAF XF cab just as for DAF Trucks’ customers in the real world, we’ve decided to add them to the XF Tuning Pack as a free update for this DLC. Existing owners of this expansion will receive these new country-based designs for the DAF XF Super Space Cab as additional free content via an automatic update.

As we also wanted to make a bit of a splash about this new content, and show our friends at DAF Trucks how engaged the truck sim community is, together we came up with a special cross-promotional “treasure hunt” mini-event across the web and social media. We are starting a giveaway campaign with 10,000 XF Tuning Pack DLC Steam keys. If you are ready to learn more about DAF and DAF XF Unity, the little widget below gives you access to the Steam key treasure hunt.

It’s very easy, just follow the instructions in the special giveaway window below, complete the required steps, choose a few more or all of the optional tasks, and the key is yours!

To make it impossible for any codes-stealing bots, we have created a mandatory Treasure Code task as a kind of “I’m not a robot captcha” challenge. This should be simple to crack for our human players. We’ve created a few special screenshots which we have placed across the social media profiles of DAF Trucks N.V. (here and here) and SCS Software (here). These screenshots are showing some of the DAF Unity Edition paint jobs, but if you look closer, you will find three parts of the Treasure Code. Combine them, input them into the system on the “Enter Treasure Code” line, and it’s done.

If you are a fan of DAF Trucks, are interested in real truck news, or simply want to help us improve our position in the eyes of the transportation industry, consider hitting the Follow button when visiting the social media profiles for DAF Trucks N.V. When pitching our games to prospective licensing partners, it is always useful to be able to prove that there is a sizable overlap between our player base and their customers.

Once you get your hands on these new paint jobs, make sure to take a screenshot of your new DAF XF truck in ETS2 and share it with the world! If you show us your screenshots and tag them with SCS Software’s and DAF Trucks N.V.’s social media profiles under the #DAFUnityEdition hashtag, you have a chance to win some free merch! Our friends at DAF Trucks kindly sent us a few nice original DAF Trucks merchandise items to give away, and we are looking forward to rewarding the author of the best DAF Unity Edition screenshot! We will be monitoring all social media.

Source: official SCS blog

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ETS2 1.38 Open Beta

SCS shared news about an upcoming update – ETS2 1.38.

So, what can you expect to find in the 1.38 Open Beta for ETS2? Let’s take a closer look!

First off, the city of Lille has received a reskin, which includes new road networks, updates to existing junctions, more detailed scenery, and the inclusion of newer vegetation, terrain textures, and much more!

Some of the main changes include updates to road junctions have been re-worked to be based on more true-to-life layouts. Road signs and roads in general have also been updated with more accurate, realistic and detailed textures.

Another significant change that has been made in 1.38 is to the various truck dealerships located across Europe. Each represented truck brand now has its own unique dealership design. All dealerships locations across the Euro Truck Simulator 2 map have received a refresh, so make sure to re-discover them in-game as you drive past (trust us, it is well worth the stop!).

SCS is also excited to introduce the inclusion of a computer graphics technique for efficiently approximating ambient occlusion effects in real-time. Screen Space Ambient Occlusion, better known in its shorter form SSAO, creates shadows in the areas where objects connect, to give it a more natural and believable look in terms of lighting and shadows.

So what exactly does this feature mean for our players? To break it down as simply as possible, SSAO adds missing shadows where they should have been and improves shadowing in general. It also improves the look of glossy surfaces (such as paint and chrome).


ETS2 1.38 Special Transport Addition

We have some news about Euro Truck Simulator 2 upcoming update. This is ETS2 1.38. SCS announced what continually working on bringing more content for the community to enjoy. In the next update, will be introducing new jobs for one of our more challenging DLCs, the legendary Special Transport add-on.

Also, they will include 3 new routes for drivers to take on in our latest map expansion for Euro Truck Simulator 2, Road to the Black Sea in an upcoming 1.38 update.

New routes:
Resita to Targu Mures
Istanbul to Edirne
Pleven to Sofia

Each journey will come with its own challenges. So make sure to adhere to the GPS advisor and speed limit which have been set-out for you before your departure, as there is no room for mistakes!

If you have already DLC Road to the Black Sea and Special Transport for ETS2, this will come as a free update in our next version release.

Source: SCS Blog

What do you think about new routes?

Iberia: Car Industry

Hello, truck fans! Do you wait for a new DLC of ETS2? We have some news about Iberia DLC from SCS. This ETS 2 add-on likely will add new industry for Euro Truck Simulator 2. This is the cars industry. We hope new trailer types will be added, like car transporters. Enjoy this short article about new opportunities.

In 2015, Spain produced 2.7 million cars which makes it the 8th largest automobile producer in the world and the 2nd largest car manufacturer in Europe. As our team continues to work on Iberia for Euro Truck Simulator 2, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to represent this important industry.

Thanks to the ports across Iberia with connections to Europe, the Mediterranean, North Africa and the Atlantic, shipping across the world makes Spain and Portugal an ideal location for automobile manufacturers. Some of these operations are so large that many ports have their own dedicated car shipping terminals which are solely dedicated to the transporting of automobiles overseas.

However, car ports are not the only new prefabs you will find around Iberia. Drivers will play a vital role in delivering parts and cars to and from the various car factories to the shipping terminals. With millions of cars rolling off the production line each, you will have no shortage of logistic jobs in this industry.

Source: official SCS blog

Euro Truck Simulator 2 1.37 changelog

The main feature included with this update is the implementation of our new sound engine FMOD; which radically redefines the way we mix vehicle and environment sounds. This update includes revisited sounds of trucks’ engines, new sounds for most of the AIs (including trains), reverb sound effects in tunnels, new train crossings sounds, the inclusion of a true Doppler effect for passing vehicles and more. This also brings an array of new sound options for users accessed from the main menu, which allows you to tweak many more individual sounds to your liking.

[DLC News] Ports of Iberia

With nearly 5,000km of coastline, Sea Ports in the Iberian Peninsula play an incredibly important role within the economy. Shipping, fishing and ocean tourism are some of the peninsulas’ largest industries, and as a result, Iberia is home over 65 ports that serve ships traveling across the Mediterranean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean.

In our upcoming Iberia map expansion for Euro Truck Simulator 2, you will find many of these larger and smaller ports across the coastline of the peninsula. More notable seaports will include Porto de Lisboa, which is the is the largest port in Portugal, located on the Tejo (Tagus) River estuary it is both commercially and tourist-oriented when it comes to the types of ships that dock there.


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