Romanian Map v 2.0 Models

Romanian Map v 2.0 Models

New update 2.0 coming soon

Author: elyxir

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer


First planned Open BETA 1st June 2013

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DAF skins project


Here a preview of a project what is made by:
Original DAF is made by 50keda for GTS/ETS
Peerke145: Converting to ETS2, Modding and Skin gebr. Kapitein
Volvoduck: Skins P J Hoogendoorn and Weeda, Little rework: Freddy Jimmink
Alexius: Skin Wetter Danmark, Little Rework: Freddy Jimmink
Freddy Jimmink: Skins Ronny Ceusters, JP Transport Service and Transportena
In total we make 10 till 12 skins on this beautifull truck

The truck will be released in aproximently 3 months from now, and after permission form 50Keda,
Thanking forwarding all who worked on this truck and in name of all who worked on the truck we hope You like it,

Now only preview

Future Trucks 2 (Only Foto)

1361469551_1-1 1361469581_1-2 1361469662_1-5 1361469651_1-8 1361469660_1-9 1361469642_1-10 1361433597_1-3 1361433608_1-1 1361433625_1-2

Future Trucks 1 (Only Foto)

1361469632_1-3 1361469637_1-4 1361469595_1-6 1361469643_1-11 1361433563_1-4

Trucksim Map v 2.0 Presentation