Christmas Addons Compability for Scania RJL

Christmas-Addons-1 Christmas-Addons-2

This mod work only if you have Christmas Paintjob Pack, Ice Cold Paintjob and Cabin Accessories DLC. Otherwise it won’t work.

Use with Cabin_Accessories_DLC_compatibility_addon_by_RJL.scs mod file.


Author: GadreeL


29 thoughts on “Christmas Addons Compability for Scania RJL

  1. This mod also work with Scania T by RJL…

    1. And it has these parts:

      Interior Curtains:

      Christmas Style
      Winter Style

      Hanging Items:


      Dash Items:


      Like I said, this mod don’t add these parts to your game. It is only show these parts to your Scania RJL and Scania T RJL…

  2. aLLexutzu

    Yo can make a version for the default scania R and Streamline?

    1. default Scania R and Streamline already have this. Of course if you have Christmas Paintjob Pack, Ice Cold Paintjob and Cabin Accessories DLC.

      1. aLLexutzu

        Sorry,but I don`t find this……i have cabin accessories DLC,but why i need christmas paintjob and ice cold paintjob,? it`s only a few color,paintjob why it`s so important this 2 DLC, i don`t understant

        1. Mr.GermanTruck

          yes you Need christmas paintjob and ice cold paintjob

        2. Because SCS added this parts into Christmas and Ice Cold DLC. That’s why you have these 2 DLCs.

        3. *you must have

          1. aLLexutzu

            Sorry for the inconvenience, i have alo christmas dlc and it is my fault because I did not see when 1.22 she coming out of the beta. now i have the christmas addons 😀

          2. It’s OK, No Problem 🙂

  3. Richard Arnold

    Where can i find that table on the dash

    1. It’s in one of these mods:

      I don’t know which is the one but you can download two of them and try it. 🙂

  4. hi Leute ich kann leider kein Englisch , kann das jemand dem Moder von das Mod übersetzen ? Also ich habe mir grade dem mod runterladet und leider geht bei mir auch nicht ich fahre Scania R 730 RJT , und ich habe die beide DLC
    Euro Truck Simulator 2 – Ice Cold Paint Jobs Pack
    Euro Truck Simulator 2 – Christmas Paint Jobs Pack
    kann mir da bitte weiter helfen ?

    1. Ich weiß ein bisschen Deutsch. Ich versuche, dir zu helfen.

      Wenn du diesen DLC hast, brauchst du nichts.

      Dieser Mod ist nur für Scania RJL. Wenn du nicht Scania RJL hast, ist dieser Mod nicht für du.

      Tut mir leid, für mein schlechtes Deutsch.


      1. *Wenn du diesen DLC hast, brauchst du nicht etwas anders zu machen.

  5. Hallo Gadreel , danke für dein Antwort und dann auch noch auf Deutsch SUPER .)) ICH habe die Scania RJL
    Kostenlose XXL Bilder bei

      1. Scania Power

        very cool truck 😉

      2. Wenn du RJL 1.4.1 hast, kannst du dieser Mod herunterladen und kannst du dieser benutzen. Dieser Mod ist für nur v1.4.1. Heute wurde ich v2 von dieser Mod loslassen.

  6. As a little gift to the numerous owners of a wide range of our DLCs, in the next day or two we are going to enhance the Christmas Paint Jobs Pack and Ice Cold Paint Jobs Pack with a new dashboard toy and cabin decoration each. If you also own Cabin Accessories DLC, these new “toys” will be unlocked and accessible now.

    They sayed that this is comming in the next days this accesoires

    1. Nope, they are just shared them. If your game version is, then you have these accessories too. You can try it. If you have these 3 DLCs, go open the game and look at your game version. They give an update this morning which is full version 1.22.1, and give another update this afternoon which is include these accessories version

      Enjoy your game! 🙂

  7. Please tell me the mod of the
    windshield sticker

    1. Like I said;

      It’s in one of these mods:

      I don’t know which is the one but you can download two of them and try it. 🙂

  8. Today I release v2 of this mod. V2 includes dash accessories, Santa and Snowman.

  9. Doesn’t work 100% with the Scania T. Scania T only gets Santa and Snowman no curtains and no hanging toys (Gift , Snowflake)

    1. I will work on it…


    it is on 1.21.x version? 😀

    1. I’m sorry, it isn’t working on 1.21.x because the addons which i mentioned, added the game on 1.22.x

  11. How to make a sticker “Swedish dream” ?

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