Coca Cola Skin Trailer

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10 thoughts on “Coca Cola Skin Trailer

  1. Mister Scania

    Awesome, so i make the trailer with Barcardi rum…:-), then we can mix it and share it. :-I

    1. ???

    2. KINGrol Modding

      Now I’ve also made a fanta skin

      Take a look on Sinas

    3. I uploaded a baco skin today I hope it is to my liking
      look for bacardi

      1. the bacardi skin has been refused because it has to do with booze

  2. Professor but what do you write! do you think you’re smarter than everyone?
    because only you can copy and the rest of us don’t ??????
    Original trailer COCA COLA SCANIA + TRAILER SKINS V1.0 of the author: Sirblackyalot.
    I’m sure you don’t know it TRUE.

  3. AvM Transport

    You have a © of CocaCola? Show me.

    1. if you are interested in the trailer write the full name on google and find it easily and download the full one with the trailer otherwise the skin does not work.

      1. AvM Transport

        Thank you, but I dont want a Coca Cola Skin.

        1. I understood that you wanted to see the coca cola trailer that I mentioned above, but if you wanted to make fun of me, you were wrong and I thank you.

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