Complete Winter Mod v3.0.2


Changes in v3.0.2
– Improved mod for Vive la France! DLC
– Slowly AI cars
– Fixed errors and warnings
Mod tested and working on v1.26.3.2
You can delete previous patch (CWM_3.0.1).


DOWNLOAD 90 MB [Mirror]

13 thoughts on “Complete Winter Mod v3.0.2

  1. Thanks Satan19990
    I wanted to ask, there will be an update for Real v2.4.4 company logo?
    because it conflicts with mod automatic gates (bright DHL logo disappears)

  2. Does the Mod also Workshop with Promods?

  3. satan19990

    Working on it, thx for info.

    1. Thanks to you and to your work

  4. Test video please 🙂

  5. Lernard'eau

    This mod make crash my game! help me plz! D:

  6. You’ve always been one of the best modders. But this mod does not work with TSM map. Can you fix it? Also along with ZOSO, please update your Real Company Logo v2.4.4 along with the truck stop sign. Thanks for all your great mods!

  7. Hi satan19990, thanks for mod, but, the readme says :After download and extract mod, you will see 4 .scs files. I only get 3 scs files and 2xreadme. It also does not say. Do we just enable All 3 files to get the most out of this mod?

  8. The Mod also works with Jazzycat’s cars and trucks because my game crashes

  9. trucker82

    wie muß ich die map anordnen nach promods oder vor der promods

  10. Dont download this, it does not work. Get the Frosty mod instead, that works 100%.

  11. epic mod snow only on roads no snow on grass, no lanes on roads just awesome realistic mod

  12. what version ?

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